New Procedures For Renewal of Expired Licenses

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Young Once, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Dear all, was at a gun store yesterday. They informed me that it is now a bit more difficult to renew expired licenses. If you license is expired from 1 to 60 days, it is already considered revoked and you will have to ask for the lifting of the revokation status for which you will have to pay a fee. Also, based on what I have been told yesterday, if your license is revoked, you will not be able to avail of the express lane for renewing licenses, but will have to undergo a longer process. How true is this? Can anyone here confirm this? Thanks in advance.

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  3. Was just there awhile ago with my expired license. It's confirmed that the license is revoked after it expires. However it seems to me the process of the renewal was not changed that much. It was all a blur but parang the process remained the same and you just pay an extra late charge. It took me about 2 hours from the time I stepped into FED to the time I stepped out. Not too bad, I was expecting worst.....:supergrin:

  4. Oh OK. Thats good to hear.
  5. pogi

    pogi Nuon

    Clar, Young Once, was trying to think if this will work to the favor of a senior friend...but my mind is totally blank today.

    This friend of mine sold his .45 last 1997 and .9 in 2005. Both did not transfer corresponding licenses to their names. Both good buyers and NOT BGs Their contention was "pambahay lang naman", just in case, so I will not transfer anymore-additional gastos lang. Ok lang sa friend ko kasi he has in his possession signed deed of sales stating thereat the sales-transfer of possession-AND THE DATE PLUS EXACT TIME BOTH UNITS WERE HANDED TO BUYERS.

    In 2009 there was amnesty-records revealed both units still in the name of my friend. Done nothing.

    With this new ruling-think it will be to the advantage of my friend-as licenses will be/or had been REVOKED.

    Tama ba mga Kuya. Or correct.:tongueout:
  6. PMMA97

    PMMA97 MNSAmessdetail

    If not transferred then the FED through the local police units will be making istorbo to your friends house because the units are now "loose".

    Heaven forbid that the units be used in self defense or worse in a crime, deeds of sales can not stand in court.

    Pa transfer na nya for peace of the seller and buyers minds.
  7. pogi

    pogi Nuon

    Thank you Bro.
    Pero he tried to locate the 2 buyers and nowhere to be found.
    What can he do kaya?
  8. Hi Tito Pogs, long time no hear :)
    What if the owner report the units "lost", pwede ba yun?

    From my experience yesterday, when the girl at the counter said my license is considered "revoked", medyo natakot ako and was expecting na ma hassle. Pero it turned out the "bark" was worst than the "bite". Nag pa notaryo lang ako, paid a fee for it, then that was it. I'm not even sure if this step is also required even if your license is not expired. After this. I went to pay for the bond, tapos pay for the firearms license plus penalty and that was it.

    PMMA97, just curious regarding the "istorbo", does the PNP really do that? or is this an urban legend they use to scare civilians to update their expired license?

    Konting OT. When I was at Crame, I met a nice RO (Arnold) who helped me in my license renewal. He was guiding me towards each step, even though may iba din siyang inaasikaso. To make a long story short, sabi niya if you have a PTC, hinde yun pwede gamitin as your legal document in going to competitions or going to shooting range. You would also be needing a PTT on top of your PTC. Sabi niya the rules for PTC is that the firearm can only be used and discharged during an emergency situation. Thus if you use your firearms sa range with just the PTC, pwede kang ma "technical", ma hanapan ng kaso since that is clearly not an emergency situation. Sabi niya to be on the safe side, meron siyang both PTT and PTC for the same firearm. Grabe! Ibang level na pala ang bureaucracy ngayon. :D
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  9. pogi

    pogi Nuon

    Kamusta na Uncle Clar, my idol second to Steve McGarette...ehe...I mean Todd Jarrete?
    Rest muna sa matches for 3 months now. Tried biking to build some more resistance para paktakbo sa matches, again, medyo bibilis konti.
    Wala rin. Kaya balik pistol-rifle na ulit.
    Then yung bike, ginawa ko na lang barbell. Binubuhat ko every morning para lumaki maskels ko. :rofl::tongueout:

    And yes, will tell my katoto-sa-edad to explore possibility of declaring "lost".
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  10. nangyari sakin yan nawala baril
    nagpagawa ako affidavit of loss
    pinagawa ng police report, then submit sa fed
    Pay the penalty
    So the gun is now "lost "
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  11. This is interesting to know.

    If you dont mind, what circumstances did you say you lost the firearm? Did you say that you sold it, got the payment but the buyer ran away with it and never registered it?

    What are the implications here though? Will that essentially give you a "get out of jail free card" ?

    Also, will that not affect your right to buy another firearm? Im not sure how true but it was previously believed that if you lost a gun, then you could potentially not be able to have another one licensed in your name. Is that true?
  12. masyado mahaba ang story
    but yup the gun was stolen from our farm
    kaya ang tawag dun - lost

    will that affect my right to buy another firearm?
    I'm curious din
  13. Dear Pogi, its actually right, but still wrong. The licenses will be considered revoked, yes, but he will still be considered as the owner. The deed of sale will not exonerate him, especially if the guns are used, especially in a crime. Of course he can always say that he sold it and present the deed of sale. Anyway, the same thing happened to me. I sold my gun to a guy who promised to transfer the license in his name, but never did, until I lost touch with him. When I checked the records at FED, the license was still in my name. I had the gun declared as lost. So now, when I check at the records/computer database of the FED thru some of the people there, my guns is flagged as "lost," but are still actually in my name. This way, no penalties of any sort will accumulate. However, if the buyer subsequently tries to register the gun in his name, he will have some problems. The gun will be confiscated and the buyer might be charged with an offense, possibly illegal possession. But what exactly, I don't know. I hope this helps.
  14. pogi

    pogi Nuon

    Thank you Pare.
    Will advise my friend to do same thing you did.
  15. PMMA97

    PMMA97 MNSAmessdetail

    5K petot pa din ba ang penalty for each "lost" firearm?

    At pag naka 3 "lost" na ay bingo ka na sa FED?
  16. pogi

    pogi Nuon

    Ganun kamahal?

    I will tell my friend na just look for the 2 buyers. Pag nakita niya-spend P50 each for gauge 2000 sanding paper-burahin na lang niya serial number and bingo.

    Joke lang Bro ha?
  17. PMMA97

    PMMA97 MNSAmessdetail

  18. How do you check if the gun is still registered in your name? Do you just go to Crame and tell them your name and what firearms are still registered? May fee ba ito?
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  19. PMMA97

    PMMA97 MNSAmessdetail

    usually personally go or just call crame.
    walang fee.

    pwede mo ding i-check kung gun owner ang ibang tao...imo,scary
  20. In my case, I befriended one of the ladies at the counter who verify your firearms license on the left side after you enter the door of FED. They can tell you right away if the gun, though sold, is still in your name.
  21. PMMA97

    PMMA97 MNSAmessdetail

    No personal experience from my side sir but I have personally read letters sent by the PNP to expired license holders and seen an actual memo from our local police station directing the PNP to conduct house visits for erring license holders.

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