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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by UltimateReloader, May 27, 2010.

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  2. Someone on here ordered 20k wolf pistol primers that were not effective in igniting the powder. When sking for a refund he could not ship back because this person didnt have the neccesary credentials for hazerdous materials handling.

  3. Someone on here saw bigfoot too. What is your point?

  4. Pics or it didnt happen...

    Id rather not get stuck with ineffective primers, in which this blog recommends.
  5. XDRoX

    Does someone need a hug:smootchie:(sorry about the smilie, closest thing I could find:supergrin:)

    In Wolf's defense. I have a case of primers from a lot number that I've read on this forum were defective. I haven't had any problems with poor ignitions or any FTF's of any kind.

    They are however a pain in the ass to seat. Some seat fine, others are hard to push in, and others snag on the way in like they are too big or not round. So I will not be buying them again, but they do go bang, at least for me.
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  6. Small Pistol as far as I can tell... I'm getting ~30% FTF in my Glock, buddy got 20% FTF in his Tarus... They have some bad batches out there right now...

    To my msg...
    > This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
    > Tim Owens <>
    > Hi,
    > Recently received 5K Small Pistol primers from Wideners. I'm having a 25-30% failure to fire in a Glock 22. I've put in a 6lb striker spring, and cleaned out the firing pin channel. Factory ammo and CCI primers function normally.
    > These are from Lot 22-09.
    > Please advise if you have any other recommendations, or how I can go about either exchanging or obtaining refund.
    > Thanks.

  7. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    That's sad to.. w/ the Primer shortage right now, Wolf would be making a killing if they could get the QC issues squared away.... I was gonna buy some, but up to this point, I've managed to keep Winchester or CCI in stock.. so I've been happy. I got pretty thin a few months ago though, then managed to get a few Federal primers.... and that got me through till I was able to get 5k of Win SP and 5k of CCI SP... That will probably last me till the end of the year, I'll buy another 10k CCI or Win if the opportunity arises.

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  8. LAME

    Remington sent me a pre stamped mailer. I returned some primers I seated in my cases and the box end with the lot number. They checked them out and said they were fine. But no hazmat issues. I don't think you have hazemat when they are in the case already.
  9. Correct. Goes to show what a screwy law Hazmat is.

    Primers in boxes, powder in cansisters are hazmat.

    Primers in empty cases, loaded ammo; are not hazmat.

    Hazmat is just a way for shipping companies to charge more.
  10. I am the guy with 20k bad Wolf primers. I heard all the crap about I'm not seating them right and all the other BS. The fact is the only primers I'm having problems with is just this one batch. My last batch of Wolf primers worked fine, this batch is DEFECTIVE and it has nothing to do with how I seat them.

    Wolf gave me the same load of BS about asking a dealer with a hazmat licence to ship them back for me in order to get a refund, but guess what. The dealers I spoke to will not ship hazmat materials for someone else. I'm willing to bet that Wolf knows this and they have found a perfect way to not stand behind their product.

    Wolf may improve their QC, and this problem may go away, but they will never see another penny of my business. Granted I'm not a big player,but last year I went through 30,000 primers. 20K were Wolf and the other 10 were Winchester. Never again.

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