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new Nexus 4

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by cesaros, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Bought two Nexus 4 phones last week (for me and my wife), shipped to me in 2 days (thanks Google!)

    Wow this phone blows away anything I've used before...Android Jellybean is pretty nice. The unlocked Wi-Fi hotspot is nice as well.

    I've never been a Google whore, but after syncing all my stuff with Google...I'll gladly feed the giant, because Google is on the right track.

    I'm only going to get a rear glass protector and bumper case. I hate bulky case skins.

    I use Straight Talk (AT&T) Unlimited plan. $45, no contract...It works, and gets better service where I live than the Straight Talk (TMobile) I can disconnect whenever I want and still use Google Talk via Wi-Fi.

    If anyone was considering this phone, I highly suggest it....Get the 16GB version.
  2. TBO

    TBO Why so serious? CLM

    I've been happy with mine.

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  3. sappy13


    Sep 30, 2007
    Bremen, GA
    i almost bought one a week or two ago. I figured buy it, sell mine when it comes, and then dump it for something else when att has a phone i want. Not having true 4g was kinda a bummer though.
  4. The lack of 4G is the one thing scaring me off from the Nexus. That and no SD card slot for additional storage, although I'm not even using 1/2 of my 32GB SD card now so that point might be moot just based on my usage.
  5. boomhower


    Feb 14, 2010
    North Carolina
    The lack of 4G sucks but makes it the perfect prepaid phone since prepaid services don't offer 4G. The price tag is very good for a top end phone.
  6. stolivar


    Mar 6, 2005
    I get 4G on Straight talk.

    enough said

  7. I think HSPA+ is considered "4G". Not really sure. I've still got a Galaxy nexus. I average around 8-10 MB down and I've seen upwards of 14 a few times.

    Plenty of speed if you ask me. Works great for me and I love not having a contract.
  8. 8-10 MB down?! That's fast even for 4G! And on a Galaxy Nexus?

    What service provider are you running with?

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  9. T-Mobile has the nexus 4 with 4g. It does have the ability to get it...before the recent update to android, people were changing the network themselves to tap into 4g service

  10. Sex. I'm debating on getting the N4 or wait for the N5. I'll probably wait for the N5 because it's rumored to have 32gb internal storage instead of 16Gb.

    Gotta wait till June when my contract with Verizon is up anyway. I'll stick with my rooted Droid Charge till then. Farking contracts.

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  11. T-Mobile on their Prepaid plan. I use the $60 one with 2GB of 4G data. I don't typically use more than a couple hundred megs so that's good for me. I work from home so I have wifi, and all of my friends houses have wifi. Unless I'm traveling I don't use the network data too much, but I love that its fast and reliable when I do need it (used to be on sprint, the data was stupid slow and unreliable).

    My fiancee uses more streaming Pandora at work so she is on their $70 plan that gives you 5GB.

    Just ran a speedtest from my phone. 9.45 download and 1.55 upload.

    Like I said, HSPA+ has plenty of speed. It isn't up there with LTE which is typically what people mean when they say "4G". But it is plenty fast.

    There really isn't a great definition of what is and isn't 4G. Marketing has convinced people that it means LTE, but it doesn't. LTE is a 4G technology but it isn't the only one. 4G just stands for fourth generation.

    Besides, don't believe those coverage maps. I have friends that went to Verizon because they wanted good LTE coverage and it's spotty at best in Columbus. If you aren't downtown or in Easton or Polaris (the two big shopping/recreation areas) you probably won't get any LTE service. Course the coverage maps says all of Columbus gets good LTE service.

    Long story short, the lack of LTE isn't a problem. HSPA+ will do just fine for people and it has a much better footprint.

    I can see some people's gripe about the lack of an SD card. For me, it isn't really a problem. I put a few gigs of music on my phone and that's about it. I like lots of storage on a tablet, but I really don't need that much on a phone.
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  12. Very good info! Gracias.

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  13. blk08c6


    Apr 17, 2009
    Northern Illinois
    I've been an iPhone guy since they first came out. However I may be in the market for whatever the next Nexus is when it comes out. A friend has the Nexus 4 and I was very impressed with it (just from playing with it a bit).