new M&P 15-22. cheap optics recommendations?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Hokie1911, May 1, 2010.

  1. Hey guys. Just picked this up yesterday for my 12 year old son and I to play with at the range. Never owned a rifle before, so we are both pretty excited. Plan on picking up a front grip and some inexpensive optics (say < $100), as this is obviously just a range toy. Any recommendations? Thanks for the input.


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  3. Titurel

    Titurel Brick Eater

    I've got a Tasco red dot on one of my 10/22's which is pretty good. It was $35 at walmart and unlike some other cheapo optics, this thing actually seems worth $35. I would not put it on an AR15 of course (oh the shame!) but it is lots of fun on a .22

  4. LOL that would be the equivalent of putting a $1,500 ACOG on your .22? :rofl:
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  5. Titurel

    Titurel Brick Eater

    So I'm at the range the other night and I noticed something odd on one of their rental guns. It was a Remington 597 made up to look like an AR, but the scope seemed....unusual. I checked it out and they had put a Trijicon Accu-Point 1-4x on this piece of junk!! Of course I had to shoot it and it was just awesome (the scope that is). Apparently Trijicon had lent it to them and it was not for sale so they had put it on a rental .22. $800 scope on a .22
  6. Hahahahaha. I would have switched it out for your Tasco.

    Just picked up the Tasco at WM. Need to go get an attachment to mount it now. Can't wait to get to the range this week.
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  8. MARSH1

    MARSH1 Dealer
    Silver Member

    Thanks for the plug.

    To the OP we have red dots with correct AR height mounts as low as $79. Plenty of satified customers.

    This is our Micro dot and mount combo. They are $108 without killflash. +$20 with killflash.

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  9. Heck yeah! Take that Tasco BACK to Walmart, get your money back and do it right the first time. Make your .22 happy.
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  10. Ncstar makes some decent cheap optics and red dots.
  11. Primary Arms is your friend.

    I have had their Aimpoint clone on my .223 AR and it has held up well. I'm going to get the micro-dot for my 15-22, when it comes back from S&W.
  12. John Hatcher

    John Hatcher Romeo Charlie

    Looks nice might put one on my M&P 15-.22 as well.
  13. DONE. Tasco is going back to WM tonight or in the am. Will be ordering a M3 from Marshall. :supergrin:
  14. Ordered a M3 (no cant mount) from Primary Arms today. Thanks guys.
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  15. Jer


    I run an EOtech XPS on my AR15 and when I got an AR15-22 I wanted to try to replicate this as much as possible but spending as much on an optic as the rifle cost (mine was free) just doesn't make sense. I was able to find an Eotech XPS replica and I have a couple on the way now to test out. If it works out they are pretty affordable and I really like some of the features/options that come on them. They had some pretty good reviews from those who used them so I'm anxious for them to show up so I can test them out. If they perform well I can let you know and while Primary Arms offers some good deals these were a fair bit less expensive if you like the XPS style over the Aimpoint style.
  16. Do not forget some pics when you get it all set up.
  17. Will do. Just got my confirmation email that the PA M3 shipped today. Also picked up some Magpul XTMs for the rails. Will also get a Magpul grip and stock eventually and probably a TangoDown grip. Looking forward to shooting it this week.
  18. I've got a Barska Contour on my 15-22, it was only $79 at optics planet. Not durable enough for .223+ but works fine on the .22.
  19. Jer


    Here's mine

  20. thisaway


    A friend of mine got a TruGlo red dot from WalMart for about $40 for his M&P 15/22.

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