New Indoor Gun Range in Roswell, Ga.

Discussion in 'The Georgia Club' started by W4CNG, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. I had someone tell me about a new Indoor Gun Range coming to Roswell on Hwy9 near the Roswell/Alpharetta border. More than 20 lanes, High End Store and facilities. With more than 20 lanes that would be the largest anywhere I have heard of. May be open by late summer. Don't know who is financing, but if it lives up to what I heard, it will be a First Class Range. Lately our ranges have been very busy and sometimes hard to get range time on. This may be a very good thing especially in the North Fulton County area where there are lots of shooters. Anyone else have info, please update here.

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  2. If this is true, that will be great. That is about 5 minutes from me. If you hear any other news about this range opening, please post it up!

  3. I'm not sure about in the Roswell area, but over in Holly Springs a new range and shop just opened up. It is called High Caliber, and the range and shop are both very nice, as are the employees.

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  4. Scheduled to open in May.
  5. Great news, always looking for alternatives to "lesser" ranges near me.
  6. There is in fact a new range coming to Roswell. I am a Managing Partner of Sharpshooters USA. SharpShooters USA will be a 24 lane state of the art indoor shooting range, retail store and training center. The range has complete climate controlled ventilation and consists of 3 bays of 8 lanes that are 25 yards in length. 8 of the lanes are fully tactical which will provide a much needed training venue for our local law enforcement agencies.

    Our new building will be constructed at 11261 Alpharetta Highway in Roswell between Mansell Rd & Hembree Rd. The location is directly across the street from Rick Case Hyundai.

    Our construction was delayed due to an issue getting a sewer easement but that has been resolved. The official groundbreaking should occur within the next 3 weeks.

    For further information visit our website : or email me:
  7. Are you going to be where Pike was or where the Jeep dealer was?
  8. We will be directly across the street from Rick Case Huyndai. It is currently vacant land
  9. Wow, this sounds like it's going to be sweet, and it's only 25 minutes away from me too :wavey:

    What's the time frame for completion?
  10. red devil

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    That's great news. I'm excited to visit once it is up and running. Please let us know when we can visit for the grand opening.

  11. This is great!!! I saw the sign today and googled the name and ended up here. This is not more than a mile from my office! Will you be serving lunch????
  12. Wow.

    Lots of new indoor ranges opening up.

    Something's definitely "amiss" in the world today...

    Good. Hopefully the thugs and politicians take note.

    Hi-caliber in Woodstock is a VERY nice place. Their rate is about $15/per hour, clean place, very nice people there. First-class facility.

    I look forward to going to the range in Roswell as well.
  13. great news. i work up the street at jackson acura....I'll have to walk down the hill to shoot at lunch time :)
  14. Hi Caliber's rates are $15 for all day , not an hour.
  15. Sadly, the place in Roswell is not open yet. Found out the hard way by checking this thread yesterday about 1 pm and driving up the road to find a building under construction. If the groundbreaking was around the first of May, I would have expected them to be open by now.

    It does appear to be a first-class facility. I hope that construction speeds up and we can use this during the Winter. I can be there in 20 minutes from my house (that is saying a lot...those of you that know the area know there's a red light every 18 feet and many of the folks that drive in that area 'pace car' the traffic)

    That was the first of the disappointments of the day...I decided to drive west on hwy 92 to Woodstock and go to HiCaliber. We get there and there's a waiting list. Parking lot full. We wait about 30 minutes and leave. Oh yeah, on the way there I stopped at a QuikTrip to fill up. Something was wrong with the pump/card reader.

    After 3 failures I didn't give up. We had been to Sears earlier in the day and were looking at kitchen appliances. We saw a $900 gas range on sale for $750. Ended up stopping by the Sears outlet in Marietta and saw the same one, new old stock, for $550. Loaded it up. :supergrin:
  16. kd4lzk

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    At least something went right and the trip wasn't completely wasted.
  17. The building appears to be huge! I'm thinking it's going to be a real nice place, and seriously five minutes from my house!!!

    Web site says they'll have discounted memberships when they first open, depending on the price, I'd be crazy not to buy one.

    Hopefully they'll carry a full line of weapons and have a knowledgeable staff. Hi-Caliber is excellent in stock and knowledge, but it's a good thirty minutes from me.

  18. I spoke with the President of the company at the GCO convention in August. He said they are right on track to be fully open by the end of the year.
  19. I find it hard to believe that it will top or even match Sandy Springs Shooting Range....

    Although i do wish they had automatics to rent :(

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