New Here and Also New to Glocks

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by phil7153, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, just got my first glock, a 26, and I am already hooked. Looking to get a 19 in the coming weeks.

    Now if I could only find some hi-cap mags. :rofl:

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  3. Congrats!

    The 26 is a great gun.

    If you get the 19, those standard capacity 15-round mags will also fit your 26 :)

    Don't forget the 17.

  4. Welcome to GT, congrats on the 26! Good luck with the hi caps and the 19, they may be tough to come by in the near future.
  5. skeeter7

    skeeter7 Brass Vulture

  6. Welcome to GT!!!! Enjoy!!!
  7. Welcome to GT.

    Sorry 'bout the 26. It will ruin your life because it's the sweetest gun you'll ever own.
  8. Thanks for all the kind welcomes! I look forward to all the things that GT has to offer.

    It seems the only way you can get any mags higher than 10 rounds in 9mm, is to buy a glock 19 or 17. haha
  9. Welcome to the forum!
  10. Quick question, while I have everyone here.

    When you buy a new gun, how detailed do you clean it before you shoot it the first time? Just a quick bore snake and call it a day, or do you do a full strip, clean and lube?
  11. All I do is a quick bore clean and LUBE the rails...

    Welcome from a fellow neebie...
  12. Welcome...lots of good info on this site. I like grease for rails. Cheers.
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  13. What kind of grease do you prefer? I know there are a million different ones with a million different opinions on them.
  14. I shoot it then clean it.
  15. I use Tetra, but I would imagine any of the well-known brands would be fine. Also use CLP on non-rail areas. Cheers.
  16. Welcome to GT!
  17. JimFS

    JimFS JimFS

    Congrats. Can't go wrong with a G26. I have a Gen 3 G26, Gen 2 G17, and a Gen 4 G17. And.....sometimes the G26 out shoots them both. Can be much more accurate than most people give them credit for.
  18. Welcome to GT from NC.

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