New guy, northern new jersey

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by JERSEYTHUNDER, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. HEY GUYS, just pulled my first generation out of the safe and decided to get it ready to run some rounds with it... been a while...was hoping i could find a reputable shop to send it to ... service it up


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  2. Welcome to GT. You have an excellent pistol.

  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome from Rockland County NY . I think you can send your gun into Glock and they will service and replace damaged parts.

    Or you could join GSSf

    and bring the gun to Jacksonville NJ next June and have the Glock armorer give it the once over , Actually you dont even need to join GSSF to have the gun serviced. I think you would be better served sending it in for service to Glock
  5. THANKS,was checking out the forum when a came across the seriel number thing... very i checked mine...AZ--- THEN 2 MARKINGS THEN "CTH" ON THE BARREL...:dunno:
    I would love to send it to GLOCK for service.. don't trust mailing it...

  6. As stated I am in New York, Last time I had to have one of my glocks repaired I brought it to the Gun Store I deal with and I paid them like $17.00 to overnight ship my gun to Glock. And then Glock shipped my gun back to them and I picked it up there.

    I am not sure what the Jersey laws are.
  7. misunder,
    i'll call glock and see what the proper shipping procedure would be...thanks....i see your 40 min north of nyc... my business is in pine island ny.

  8. I love the smell of Pine Island in the summer
  9. Welcome to the forum!
  10. "Ya mean they actually let you have guns in that @$&#%€£ state?"

    (that's what I hear a lot!)

    :welcome: :wavey:
  11. Interwebs makes for a very small world. I live in GA, grew up in Bergen Co, NJ. Childhood friend runs a paint/body shop in Pine Island, NY. Pine Island isn't that big.
  12. i grew up in bergen county and own a motorcycle shop in pine island... lmfao !!!
  13. Maywood is where I grew up. Toon Town is my friends business.

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  14. Toon town used to work out of my shop... I know bobby 30 yrs
  15. I've known him since Kindergarten. Tell him Eric from Maywood says hi.

    I've always wanted to send him a gunstock to paint.

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