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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by ben_415, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. ben_415

    ben_415 Roll Tide!

    Hey everybody, Just got my first pistol the glock 19 gen4 on Monday, found this website and thought I would join.

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  2. welcome. where abouts are you?

  3. ben_415

    ben_415 Roll Tide!

    I live just outside of Birmingham. But ive lived all over the state pretty much. How bout you?
  4. erkman

    erkman Sleepy Member

    Welcome aboard!
  5. welcome,used to live in Huntsville!
  6. Welcome.

    I got one of my dogs from Alabama. I treat my dogs like they are my kids.

    Does that make us related? :supergrin:
  7. G21FAN

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    Welcome from Pell City!
  8. ben_415

    ben_415 Roll Tide!

    Thanks everybody!

    @g21fan Im about 30 min from you in Trussville, looking for a firing range that isn't so expensive.. The only one I found is Hoover Tact. is $10 from 11-3 during the week, you know of anywhere else?
  9. Welcome from CO ..... BTW, love your state. Used to have great times visiting friends in Jax, AL. At that time I lived in the Atlanta area .........:wavey:
  10. Big welcome from Montgomery and WNC. My first pistol was a G19 also and is still on of my favorites.
  11. Welcome aboard! I also live outside of Birmingham (Alabaster), but work at UAB.
  12. :welcome: Enjoy that Gen 4 Glock! Let us know how she shoots!
  13. Jackson, Alabama? ... If so, I live in Clarke County myself.

    Welcome Ben ..... Im new around around here as well!!!

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  14. :welcome:and:wavey:from Troy,Michigan:supergrin:

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