New guy here from Boston!

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by boxer01, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. My Glock may only be 2nd gen and my mag 10 rounds, but I still love it dearly! Hope to learn a lot here! :wavey:

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  3. :welcome:

  4. pipedreams

    pipedreams Member

    :welcome: Enjoy GT....................
  5. Welcome to the forum!
  6. 2nd gens are great and 10 rounds are way better than a sharp stick.
    more titillating and offhand comments to come . enjoy all that G T has to offer
    and welcome .
  7. skeeter7

    skeeter7 Brass Vulture

    :welcome: from next door in RI!
  8. janice6

    Platinum Member

    Welcome to GT.
  9. oily_oink

    oily_oink ###########

    :welcome: From Michigan!
  10. Welcome from Arizona.

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