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  1. Hello,
    New member from Long Island New York. I've been shooting for over a decade but was only interested in rifles. I started in MilSurps and moved into basically just shooting AR's and 22's in the past 6 years or so.

    I received my NY Pistol permit in May 2012. So I started buying and learning about pistols. I currently own:
    G17 OD
    G19 OD
    G26 OD
    G19 RTF2
    G21 SF RTF2 (should arrive at my LGS today)

    And some other brand stuff. All of the Glocks were purchased NIB. And I have been shooting them.

    I'm interested in trying some IDPA shooting.

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  2. Welcome to GT!

  3. Cool. Got your high-cap mags yet?

    IDPA is fun. I bet you buy a G34 for that.

    Don't forget to join NYSRPA, if you haven't already :)
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  6. Nice collection ;)
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
  8. Hello from MO!
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