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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by ShaneInMN, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Hello all,

    New glock owner here, purchased a Gen 4 G17. I was impressed at how easy it was to field strip the gun compared to my Kimber Custom II. This is the 4th handgun that I've owned (Kimber, Beretta Nano, CZ 75 (no longer own).

    I am heading out to the range to shoot tomorrow with a good friend, have 100 rounds of 115gr blazer (aluminum) and 100 rounds of 124gr blazers. Also going to shoot my Kimber some along with some cheap 22LR ammo out of my Kimber conversion.

    I'm sure I'll have some questions down the road, but I wanted to join the forum and proclaim my enthusiasm with this gun! What a value you get with this Gen4 G17.

    Talk to you all soon!

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  3. Welcome to the forum!

  4. Welcome aboard. Howzabout a range report tomorrow?
  5. BBauer927

    BBauer927 Florida Glocker

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy the new glock. I just got a gen 4 too! G23 was my choice. Pick it up Tuesday and can't wait for the first range visit. Hit us with the range report after you let it rip. u might want to consider getting some brass on the way though cuz I've heard the gen 4 doesn't like cheap ammo.
  6. Thanks, I'll be back to post the reports. Should have some pics of the groups from the range. The aluminum casing was actually all that was available! Hard to find 9mm rounds now a days.
  7. BBauer927

    BBauer927 Florida Glocker

    Tell me about it! Went to Wally World yesterday and entire ammo isle was completely empty. I'm not sure if you need SD ammo too? I have 2 full boxes of 20 of Remington 147 grain hollow points 9mm.

    View attachment 230579

    Looking to trade or sale if interested.
  8. Good purchase, good gun, and you had good fortune being able to get your hands on one. Enjoy!

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  9. I didn't understand what you meant until last night. Gunbroker had a G17 Gen 4 sell for $985. Nothing special, just the retail kit.

    I guess I should feel fortunate, even though I think all of this is going to be water under the bridge when all is said and done.

    At least for now, my home is protected by Glock, and I shouldn't forget, Kimber, Beretta and Mossberg too ;)
  10. Welcome. Happy Glocking.
  11. oily_oink

    oily_oink ###########

    :welcome: From Michigan!
  12. Welcome to the forum and the Glock addiction.

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