New Glock owner with a G20

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by ackthet, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I am a new glock owner... just picked up my G20. Here are some 'unboxing' photos (I did the actual unboxing before accepting the FFL).




    The second to last photo is a comparison with my Walther PPQ and the lats photo (from left to right) is 9 mm, .40 S&W, and 10 mm.

    I'm really excited about it and can't wait to shoot it, and to be an owner of a Glock! Still not sure about popping on a #22 spring and new guide rod; I know this is a heavily debated issue here and on other gun sites. Might be worth 25 bucks just to see!

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    :welcome: From Michigan!

  4. Brian Lee

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    I've got a G20 too and a few thousand rounds through it.

    For ordinary weak target ammo the 17 pound spring they come with will work fine. When you step up to somewhat hotter stuff go with a 20, and for really hot stuff like Buffalo Bore or Underwood, use a 22 pounder. 10MM ammo comes in such a wide variety of power levels that there's really no one spring weight that could be considered the one choice for all occasions.

    Whether you use a metal guide rod or the stock plastic type never changed the way mine performs as far as I can tell. A non-captured metal rod sure makes it easy to change springs quickly if you're only going to have the one rod, but the easiest way to change springs (by far) is just to buy a selection of stock plastic captured rods and just leave the different springs permanently installed on the rods. The extra weight of a metal rod on a G20 really doesn't change the muzzle flip enough to be noticeable.

    Really hot 10MM ammo DOES need the heavier springs. That's for sure. Weak springs will allow the breech to open to soon and your chrono will show less consistent velocities - meaning many of your shots will have less velocity than they would with the 22 pound spring.
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  5. welcome love the 10mm
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    :wavey: Welcome!
  7. Welcome to GT and, congrats on your G20!:cool:
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  9. Thanks everybody! I got a chance to finally bring it out to the range today, and it was a blast to shoot! I ran it completely stock (I was only shooting 180 gr plinking ammo). I also picked up a 22 lbs spring. I know there is a lot of controversy here and on other forums about running these springs, but I do plan on shooting 200 gr rounds and such, so I figured it was at least worth a few bucks to play around with.
  10. Welcome to GT and welcome to the G20 club!

    I have always run a 22# spring when shooting my heavy loads and after 100's of them, I see no reason not too. Light range or comp loads do not require the extra spring weight, so I have a couple of stock spring assemblies around for that. I have close to 10,000 rounds through mine and all I have ever changed is springs. Every other parts seems to work fine even after years of abuse.
  11. Will a 22 lbs recoil spring cycle 180 gr ammo (I use Gerogia Arms for plinking, for example)? I've heard some people say they've shot 9 mm ammo in an aftermarket barrel with a big spring, and other say it wont cycle any of the lighter 10 mm loads. I guess I will just test it myself, but I'm curious about others experiances.
  12. Welcome!!! Enjoy your G20. Best pistol Glock makes. :)
  13. Yes, the 22# spring will still allow your G20 to cycle with lighter loads. The only time I ran into an issue was when I had produced a load so light that it was below .40SW territory. Then the stock assembly worked fine.
  14. Thanks klmmicro... thats sort of what I figured.... but its nice to hear it from somebody who actually runs one.

    Anyway, I'm very satisfied with this G20, it was definatly 550 dollars well spent!
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