New Glock owner from Kansas.

Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by Joker19, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Whazzzupp! Joker19 (almost 20 jokers-scary) here reporting from the mean streets of Dodge City. Yes were still riding horses and shooting each other over can-can dancers.

    I just acquired my first Glock last Saturday. A new in box 3rd gen G19. Asked people on a local CCW forum and the G19 came very highly recommended. Was able to run 100 rds of remington umc through it at the range on Sunday (the range is 45 miles away, yes even in Dodge City we do not have a pistol/rifle range) and was pretty impressed.

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  3. Welcome aboard! Spent most of my teen years out your way. Near Elkhart actually. Really surprised at the scarcity of outdoor ranges here near Wichita too.

  4. Glad to meet ya! Yeah it is kinda sad the lack of ranges around here. I think in my little corner of the state there is Larned and Garden City.
  5. :wavey: Welcome Grats on the new 19.
  6. From McPherson and bought a G22 yesterday. I have a lot of handguns but this is my first Glock and I'm really looking forward to giving it a try. Also, I was a new member to GT as of yesterday.
  7. Welcome to GT!!:wavey:
  8. Anybody around here in the NE part?? I'm in Overbrook, reloading a few to pass time during the winter.
  9. Not too far away in Ottawa. Are you the same smoker from If so, have you heard anything about when the site will be back up?
  10. KS Trekker

    KS Trekker That Guy

    Welcome, Joker, from a fellow Kansan! :wavey:
  11. Toddmog, you in ottawa too? It's a small world. Did you ever go to the match that the PD used to put on? Sure miss that I went the last year they had it, man what fun. Used to go up to Topeka and shoot uspsa w/ my G22.
  12. I've never been to one of the PD shoots. I've only neen back in KS for 2 years now after pastoring in TN, MO, & IL. I grew up in Bonner Springs and my wife is from its good to be "home."
  13. where do you shoot at? Just picked up a Williamsburg Wildlife membership this year so I've been making that drive once a month w/ some other members for a monthly fun shoot.
  14. I shoot in Pomona at a friends property.
  15. Yes I am one in the same, the KSCCW was up briefly yesterday but had some more issues, I'm sure it will be back soon. There was a guy that had the c-store west of WalMart in Ottawa that had a couple shoots north of Garnett. I never did make them & just wondered if there was anything happened down there. I have a few loaded just waiting for a good time to shoot now.

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