New Glock guy

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by LJguy30, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Just here to introduce myself, new to Glock's in general. Been a 1911 fan mostly. Picked up a Glock 30sf at my local G/S last weekend and have put a bout 300rds downrange and am wondering what took me so long. Hoping to get some good info and hopefully can share the little i know.

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  3. Welcome to GTalk!

  4. Hello from the great state of Missouri!!
  5. pipedreams

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    Enjoy your Glock............

  6. FL Airedale

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  7. Welcome ......:wavey:
  8. Welcome and congrats of the G30SF. I'm about to go shoot mine today. Can't wait!:supergrin:
  9. I was a devoted 1911 guy for years also. Congrats on your new Glock and welcome to GT. Tons of info and great people here.
  10. TSAX


    Welcome aboard

  11. Welcome to GT and congrats on the Glock!
  12. Welcome and congrats
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome far ive been able to keep all rounds in 9 ring out to 15 yds.

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  14. Welcome from Utah!

    Being an American. My greatest blessing.
  15. jeanderson

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    :wavey: Welcome! This is a great forum where you will learn much about Glocks. Congrats on the G30 - thinking of one for concealed carry.
  16. Welcome from Alabama. Be careful this can be very addictive. Once you buy one you WILL buy more and love them all.

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