New Glock 20 and looking for help...

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by Dakotaota, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Will do...Im hoping it shoots well. I would love to do a lil hunting with this gun.

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  2. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember

    Here's a link so you can see some photos.

  3. TDC20

    I looked at the "Mice" markings under magnification, and I think it says, in two different fonts, "M" and "H3". I think the big "M" is for Meprolight, and the "H3" is for tritium. I couldn't find my paperwork, either, but I don't think the screw on the left side needs to be turned.

    You have the directions for the adjustments correct, I believe. Adjust the screw on the right side CCW for right, and CW for left.

    I can't really tell you how many turns moves the impact at 25 yards, but I do have a little math that tells me for a G20 sight radius of 6.84" (measured mine with the Meprolights), to move one inch at 25 yards, you would need to move the rear sight by 0.0076". I hope that helps. It's been so long since I zeroed mine, and pretty much everything I shoot out of it uses the same zero, that I forgot what the adjustments were for 25yds.
  4. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    I know that my old BoMar adjustables on my G20L were supposed to be 2/5ths of an inch (.4") for each click at 25y... Or very close. I would use that as a ball park figure. Hell, it might have been .4" @ 50y... Hmmmm
  5. Thanks TDC20 and nickE10mm. I will ignore the left-side screw for now, but I still wonder what it does.
  6. Beautiful work. I'm amazed at how affordable his services are, especially given the quality of the workmanship. I can see why there's a line out the door for his grip work...

    When I started working on my Glocks back in the early 2000s, there really weren't many guys doing this, and the few that were wanted a lot of $ for simple grip improvements.

    I've done a couple dozen customizations of weapons with polymer frames, and the Glock's nylon6 was one of the easiest/most forgiving to start out with.

    I don't see how Lane does the work he does, while charging such modest fees. At a minimum, it takes four/five hours to remove the finger grooves, remove the backstrap hump (requires epoxy fill work, and the epoxy isn't cheap), do a full, 360 degree texturing, paint, etc. Plus, he's paying for the return shipping??

    Wow. :wow:

    If he'd been available, back when, I'd never have gotten started.

    I will say -- for guys who'd like to do simple stuff to make their Glocks more comfortable to shoot (e.g., easing/raising the sharp outside corners on strong-side of the trigger guard) -- that a cordless Dremel and inexpensive Radio Shack soldering iron, plus some fine-grit sandpaper and automotive polish -- can be all the kit you need to improve the comfort and shootability of your polymer-grip weapons.

    I have a feeling that Lane is either going to have to raise his pricing, soon, or hire some additional help. The wait times eventually become an issue for customers, I'd imagine.

    To bring this back into thread focus, I'll add that grip improvements to the Glock 20 have been pretty key, for me -- especially with the long slide --- because the gun is somewhat nose-heavy, and this makes for trigger guard and grip discomfort, without some enhancements. Hope to get a review from you, when you get your G20 back from Lane.
  7. Shortcut, What kind of grip tape do you have there? Do you like it?
  8. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember

    I swiped that photo straight off the Glockworx website I think. Here's a link:
  9. jdDub

    That is beautiful, I'm doing one very similar. I'm sending it to CCR for Cera-Hide and using DeltaPoint is all. Bob is gone, so if you have any other tips on springs/tuning it's appreciated.
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  10. I'm sorry to hear Bob is gone. I'm hoping Luke is still there in sales, and he's very knowledgeable. The armorer who did the work at LWD was "Dan," and he's a great guy. I think the stock G20 recoil spring is 17 pounds, and I swapped this out for the 22# spring, when I went with the longer slide. I'm not sure the heavier spring is actually necessary because of the substantially more significant mass of the slide for the 6" barrel. Both seem to work, and I've had no failures to feed or function. I HAVE had a couple of light primer strikes, and I'm going to go with a heavier Wolf spring (7#) for the striker. Other than that, this is by far my most accurate and fun to shoot Glock.

    I've been loading 180 gr TCFMs (Roze Distributors' Zero Bullets) with 11 grains of Blue Dot or 9.2 grains of Longshot (1.25 OAL) both of which chrono at about 1350 fps at our local range, here in Basalt CO (6500' elevation 75F)

    Gun is super soft-shooting and a gas to shoot. With the red dot sight, I can routinely shoot 3" groups at 25 yards.

    Good luck with yours!
  11. jdDub

    Good tips, thanks. Luke is still there, good guy to deal with. Small world, Basalt is my range too. Just put 200 rds down range in last Sunday breaking in my new Kimber.
  12. Shoot me a PM, if you want to see the Glock 20. We've probably been shooting at adjacent benches and not even realized it.

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