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  1. Hi, Iam new to the Glock talk forums,good to see so much information, I picked up a Glock19, and noticed that it had one trigger pivot pin,I noticed other Glocks have two why is this so are two better? Thanks in advance for any help George,Mojave desert
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  3. DJ Niner


    The second pin in this area of the frame was added to stabilize and reinforce a new, larger, locking block in the frame. I believe this was adopted due to the older .40 caliber Glocks having a minor problem with what is commonly called "peening", where the older/smaller locking block would bounce upward as the frame flexed in recoil, allowing the top of the block to strike the bottom of the slide. This would leave small marks on the bottom of the slide, looking like it had been struck with a small metal hammer.

    With the larger block and a second pin to hold and stabilize the block in its frame channel, this problem is much more rare, and very limited when it does occur.

    In 9mm, the older style locking block and single pin worked just fine, and I don't think you'll have any problems with your Glock. I had one like that myself a while back, and I shot and carried it regularly for more than 10 years with absolutely no problems.

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    Three pin frames are better, yes. You'll be fine with your two pin frame, though, as long as you stay with 9mm, and don't convert slide and barrel assemblies to, say, 40 caliber. There are different reasons, 'Why' 9mm and 40 caliber lock blocks peen the underside of Glock slides: In 9mm the original blocks were too poorly held in place; and in 40 caliber the original blocks were, both, too poorly held in place, AND the lock block, 'fingers' were too long. Here's some pictures of different Glock lock blocks for you to examine:
  5. Thanks that helps explain much, George

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