New Glock 19 gen 4 ejection problems

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by dvegas, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. I have a Gen4 G19 that has been MALFUNCTION FREE for a couple thousand rounds. I have no idea where my cases go...I'm on the front sight. The ONLY thing that concerns ME (speaking only for myself) is that the thing RUNS!!! And it does with ANYTHING I put in it. I trust it to save my life, if needed.

    Have you had ANY actual stoppages? I hope Glock takes care of it for you.

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  2. I understand your frustration. But did your Glock load ammunition from the magazine? Did the trigger pull release the striker? Did the striker ignite the primer? Did the bullet exit the muzzle? Did the slide cycle? Was the empty case extracted and ejected? Was another round stripped from the magazine and loaded into the chamber? How many times did any of these things NOT happen during your time at the range?

  3. dvegas

    dvegas Glock Shooter

    I actually was stalking Glock Talk prior to my purchase. It seemed that most people were happy with their new Gen 4s and I thought the problem was solved. I am not a Glock hater. I have several XDMs, but wanted a Glock 19 because its smaller and smoother for CC. I also wanted a Glock since it has had such a good reputation as being a solid, never fail gun. I'm not really venting, I just want the new guns to work right and want to warn any perspective buyers that there is still an ongoing ejection problem.
  4. dvegas

    dvegas Glock Shooter

    All thoses things did happen. Never FTF or FTE. The only problem is when it ejects, it often hits me hard in the forehead. That is not safe. Nor is it that how a gun should eject spent brass. Imagine you have two guns to choose from. One works great but pelts you in the head with casings, the other just works great. Which would you choose?
  5. Has anyone tried to polish the extractor to change the direction of brass ejection? The old time 1911 gunsmiths use to change the direction spent brass was ejected by polishing the extractor.
  6. I got one that was born in 05/12 i think (TCCxxx). I have put about 250-500 rounds through and have not gotten any BTF or FTF and have not had (thankfully, and knock on wood!) any ejection problems and ive ran gold dots 124, federal 147 and my own reloads. Eats and digest them all. I love my 19
  7. BubbaH

    I bought two Gen 4 G19's and two Gen 3 G19's in December, 2013. I wish I had bought four Gen 3 pistols instead. The Gen 3's worked flawlessly straight out of the box. The Gen 4's do not. One is much better than the other, but they both have problems. One will FTF at least once on almost every magazine. The other one does not. But they both send hot brass right back into the shooter's face, or in the case of my wife, down her shirt. I don't know when they were manufactured, but it seems that the problems persist.

  8. Don't count on Glock doing something about it. I had to buy a Lone Wolf extractor for my 30sf, because Glock gave me the run around and would not do anything. Ejection problem was solved with the cast extractor over the mim extractor.
  9. Gen. 3---19--brass to face, crazy ejection,weak ejection.

    Polished extractor----no change

    GSSF guys replaced extractor---no change

    New plunger spring------ no change

    30274 ejector----big change but not 100%

    Replaced LCI SLB with a Non-LCI SLB----- now cured for several 1,000 rds.
  10. I posted in another thread that Glock advised me that it's a rare issue but it appears that it seems to happen with some 115 g ammo.
  11. Good info. Any news on the extractor issue? My wifes G19 gen 4 shoots the shells all over the place. Yes, she is a trained shooter and seems to be gripping it well.
  12. Ryobi

    Ryobi SummertimeRules

    From what you post, I don't hear a problem with the gun. QUOTE=dvegas;19694430]So after doing some web research, it sounded like the ejection problems for gen4 models had been fixed. So I bought a new Glock 19 Gen 4, serial TTV***, test shot in 9/2012. The first trip to the range, I had about 1 shell to the top of the head per magazine and erratic ejection. After 500 rounds I am now getting 1-2 shells to the forehead, occasionally to the glasses and very erratic ejection.

    I have tried multiple different types of ammo including WWB and Federal, mostly 115g. I even tried a Winchester 124g NATO, which was better, but I still got a really hard shell right to the middle of my forehead.

    This just isn't right. I bought a new glock for self-defense and CC, wanting something that would work no matter what. Now I have a gun that ejects shells into my face. Although a random shell to the forehead at the range is still not acceptable, it isn't a big deal. However a shell to the eye, without safety glasses on in the middle of the night, is a completely different animal. (I hope I got the bad guy with the first shot, cuz I can't see him now)

    This is a Glock, not an off brand cheapo. I could replace the ejector with an Apex one, but I already paid for a new gun and expect it to work properly. Plus, although I don't really use it, I don't want to install a non-LCI extractor (I can hear the lawyers now "so you removed one of the saftey devices from your gun..."

    I called Glock and they said there weren't ejection problems with the Gen 4 (really?) I was told that I had the most up to date parts on my gun. I have the 0-3-4 spring and the 30274 ejector. I asked about the dipped extractors (which I have), and was told that Glock had been using those extractors for years. They are letting me send my gun in to see if there is something wrong...

    Sorry for another rant on ejection problems, but I was under the impression that these problems were fixed. I wouldn't have bought one if I knew the problems still existed. I just want to put it out there that new Glock 19 Gen 4 models still have ejection problems.[/QUOTE]

  13. Will have to change this post. Last range trip I fired about 200 rds. and had one case to hit me in the chest.:dunno:

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