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Discussion in 'Military Surplus Forum' started by Cdoggsizzle, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. I'm close to sending in my paperwork to purchase a M1 Garand. I am leaning towards the .308, vs the 30-06, and would like some feed back on whether or not this is a good choice.


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  3. I have always figured if I were going to shoot a .308 length rd I'd do it in a .308 length action.

    Also be aware that there are factory rounds loaded to be compatible with the Garand action in 30-06 I don't know of any .308 rds specifically loaded for the M-1 action.

    Of course you can get and adjustable plug that will lessen the problem for either caliber.

  4. I always thought an M1 in .25-'06 would be pretty cool. Mine is chambered in .30-'06 and runs like a top. Given .308 prices, I see no advantage for the foreseeable future in using .308 rather than .30-'06.
  5. I was considering having my "tanker" clone converted to .35 Whelen as a "Thumper"
  6. Although I'm not an expert, I know a couple guys that have 7.62 Garands and they love them. No feeding probs reported,
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I'm still undecided though. I like the authenticity of the 30-06, as this is more historically associated with the M1, but still like the .308. Maybe I should flip a coin?
  8. den308

    den308 NOT A COOK

    I have a National Match M-1 Navy re-build in .308 and have used it many times in competition with out any problems.

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