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  1. Well, it took me forever to get back to the range. The G36 "stovepiped" on the 12th round. I went to a lgs and advised him of the problem. He bought the G36 - he was convinced I was limp-wristing it.

    I have shot 45acp, 40 s&w, and 9mm glocks for approximately 20 years and I guess anything is possible, but frankly, I doubt that I was limp-wristing I bought another G36 and plan to go to the range next weekend.

    In reviewing the G36 record it seems that they are either good or not. I like everything but the round count with the G36 but I am willing to work with that. I can only guess that the previous owner figured that it was one of the not so good G36's and sold/traded it - now that makes two of us.

    I regret I don't have the time to try to force Glock to do the right thing.

    Thanks for listening. I'll report back.

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  2. I finally got to the range last weekend and the new G36 was flawless through 50 rounds. My hand was getting a little bit beat up because I also had a new gen 4 G21 to try out. I hope to get back to the range within the next couple of weeks and continue running my new toys.

    I traded a 30sf that I just didn't have faith in due to fte's and ftrb for the G21. In some ways I think the G36 is the ideal concealed carry pistol but that G21 is truly sweet to shoot.

    Peace out.

  3. My G 36 has functioned at 100% and I use Speer Lawman 185gr FMJ. When carrying use Speer Gold Dot HP for short barrels. The recoil has a bit of a bite but the slim frame makes for better concealed carry. I am 69yrs old with some nerve damage in the palm of my shooting hand. I can only fire 25 to 30 rds before it gets real uncomfortable.
  4. I shoot revolvers now. sold all my autos except for my 3 rugers,P95,LC9,and P345.
  5. Just curious: why no Glocks anymore?
  6. Mine's been 100%. Read thru several of the replies and was surprised no
    one told you it's probably your mags (the Pierce +1 in your case). I've
    been carrying a gun professionally since 1967. Been my experience with
    most semi-auto's, that a great majority of fte & ftf's are the magazines
    fault and not the gun. Second reason is limp wristing it and before you
    get all defensive, if the weapon don't fit your hand, you're going to
    either limp wrist it or squeeze so hard accuracy is impossible. After those
    2 reasons comes the gun.
    Sorry you're having this kind of trouble with your 36. I carry one daily
    that I bought about 5 yrs ago and it's been flawless and I live on 28
    acres of woods and have my own range and I do shoot alot. My other one
    was one of the very first made and like an idiot, I let my brother talk me
    out of it. It's been his carry piece ever since and he won't sell it back
    for anything.
    Just offering what I've learned in 43 yrs of continuous carry.
    Good luck in what ever you decide but my first instinct would be to
    replace the +1 base for the original and give it a try.
    Dano :harley:
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  7. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    when i had a G36 it was not the thinness of the grip that bothered me, it was the shortness and the illfitted non conforming looks like it doesnt belong there magazine base pad.

    added +0s and life was good. i swear pierce must know glock's flaws before they hit the market because they seem to be on top of the needed fixes.
  8. Thanks for the report!

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