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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Buckeye63, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Just picked up a new to me seems to be a early 3rd generation...has the finger grooves on the grip...but has a dull slide light rail ..(yea !)......seems to be solid ..newish condition..I'm betting fired very little ,very little....this is the only Glock in my stable ..until I find a nice used G23

    Now I'm on the search for a few G21 mags...

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  3. Bruce M

    Enjoy your G30 (other than the G26 it is my favorite Glock to carry)

  4. Good choice and a great gun. I have 3 of them, 2 just like yours and a short frame 30 with the rail. I carry one of the dull guns and have one as a spare. the short frame was available at a good price used so I bought it but find I prefer the dull gun. I did a couple things to my carry gun that might interest you. I upgraded the extractor with a loaded chamber indicator extractor, I put on a bar-sto barrel (cut rifling so I can shoot lead and with a fully supported chamber), I replaced the stock trigger with a siderlock from lone wolf for added security, and I put a crimson trace lazer grip on it. The grip makes the overal grip a little larger but it is easy to get used to. I carry it in a blade-tech razor holster and it disapears under a loose large t-shirt. Love the gun. Best regards.
  5. Love my G30sf. Wow, been saying that a lot lately! Are you going to CCW? What holster are you looking at or have? I carry mine IWB in a Tailgunner and appendix in a Mr. Softy, both by High Noon Holsters. Check em out.
  6. Congrats on your new G30 its a great shooter for sure.. its my EDC..
  7. Congrats...

    The G30 is one sweet shooter. I let one get away earlier this year and just had to have another.

    I have 2 holsters for mine:
    Don Hume H721 O.T.
    Galco Royal Guard

    Enjoy... :cool:
  8. Oh yeah ,it will be carried in a De Santis Hi-ride , and I have a generic slide
  9. Congrats on your new G30. I just bought myself
    A G30sf yesterday. So far it's a keeper.
  10. Well ,have a problem.....broken guide spring assembly,,looks as some of the plastic has disintegrated ,and the larger spring just popped out with small pieces of plastic......

    should I replace with original parts ?

    I was looking at the Lone Wolf site seems to have good prices..
  11. Congrats on the G30.
  12. E-2-E

    E-2-E Long Trail

    Yes, I buy from Midway, or Brownells, but I'm sure you can find the part cheaper somewhere else

  13. Where exactly on the guide did it disintegrate? Mine is steel at the end. Are the earlier ones plastic?
  14. Plastic end that rests on the barrel...
  15. Congrats on the G30. I just traded one for a G23. I really liked the accuracy of the 30 and the fact it is a .45, but I could never get used to the always bit into my middle finger making it uncomfortable to shoot...I put 1000 rounds through it trying to get used to it, but no luck...I traded it for a G23 and have been happy with the way it handles so far, but I'm only 106 rounds into it.

    I hope yours works for you, it certainly does for a lot of folks, its a great firearm!
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  16. SCC

    SCC Member Me

    replace it with OEM parts !!!
  17. Ok thanks. My gun was made in 2009. Maybe a change they made along the way.
  18. robhic

    robhic WOLVERINE!!!!
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    I, too, got a new G30sf yesterday. I traded an older G17 and some $$$ to a friend who has a FFL. I like what I see, so far, but haven't shot it. Took it home and wiped it down for inspection.

    No copper anti-seizing paste and some oil in the front of the slide. Re-assembled and the slide wouldn't go into battery easily. So I let it slam shut and it worked.

    Noticed a rattle and the slide-lock was loose. Took slide off again and looked it over. Not much I could do so put it back together.

    No battery and a rattle of loose slide lock. Hmmm. Then the flat spring that operates the slide lock fell out! :wow: Went to stick it back in and it was impossible because the flat spring broke.

    So I gotta find a Glock gunsmith and/or send it back to the factory. :shocked: I know those springs are a real MONSTER to get the broken part out from reading others' stories of this massive PITA here. Oh well .....

    Guess it'll be a while before this one gets fired.
  19. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Congrats. Now get some CorBon 185gr JHP and you'll be well-armed.

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