New g30 gen 4 on the way!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Miami29SF, May 6, 2013.

  1. Finally, I found a NIB g30 gen 4 at the right price ($595.00) :rock::rock:. I am very excited. Can't wait to get it. Once I run the first 500 rounds to make sure everything runs flawlessly, it will go on my EDC rotation with my 29SF.

    I can't believe that I finally got it!!!!

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  2. Nice score!

  3. Thank you, FnKev. It feels great to finally get one!!!
  4. Got one myself a few weeks back and really like it. It is quickly becoming my favorite Glock.
  5. Congrats on your g30, klt1986. Hopefully, I will have it by the end of the week so I can take her to the range.
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  6. just bought one sunday at a gun show for $575 i was stoked cant wait to pick it up and hit the range there were 1000's and 1000' of guns there but only one G30 gen4 told that dude ill take it!!!
  7. Awesome pick up, jleath10pt. Great deal!!
  8. Congrats on the new G30!
  9. Thank you gentleman. For now I will be using the same holster that I use for my 29sf (Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra). Any suggestion for an all leather IWB holster for the g30?
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  10. JLeòdhas

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    Congrats on the G30, love mine.
  11. You will love it, congrats!
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  13. Congratulations, you got yourself a great pistol.
  14. You will love it. Mine is the most accurate easy shooting glock I own
  15. I can't wait to get it and take it to the range!!!

    Any suggestion on an all leather holster for my new g30? There are many options but I would like to hear opinions about it.

    Thank you.
  16. Congrats On your New G30 Gen4. I got mine last month and still have not found time to shoot it. I got my G32 Gen4 last summer and still haven't found time to shoot it either. Maybe when I find time ammo prices will be back down. Congrats again on you new Glock.
  17. Good point on the ammo James. I have been "collecting" 45ACP and 10MM (buying this one mainly from Underwood Ammo). At some point in the near future I will star reloading :cool:. I was hoping to get my g30 in by this weekend but I will have to wait until next week. Should have it by Wednesday. Once I get it, it will be range time :supergrin:
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    Way back when I owned my G30 I use to carry it OWB in a Galco "Concealable" Belt Holster. It's not too hard to find (Check Lou's Police Supply) and carry comfortably, and it's held tight to the body and easy to conceal. One of the easiest to carry (OWB) of all I have owned.

    Congrats on the new purchase.

  19. Thank your sir for the suggestion. I will stop by Lou's next week and check it out. I was also looking at this holster from TT Gun Leather for IWB carry:

    Any opinions on it? I like the fact the it can be an OWB/IWB holster. It just has a longer wait to get it (10 to 12 weeks).

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