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New G20 Owner

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by TLwolter, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. TLwolter


    Jan 10, 2013
    I have owned a G26 for about 10 years and use it as my primary carry weapon. For a while now, I have had the G20 on my wishlist and recently made it a reality.

    I took it out to the range this past weekend and absolutely fell in love with that gun. I was definitely expecting a bit more recoil, but the G20 handled the 10mm factory ammo with ease. Looking forward to trying some Underwood once it becomes available again. It is a very smooth and accurate shooting firearm. I even had my 13 year old son with me at the range. He has shot my 9mm, 38 specials and .380's many times before and handles them well. He was a little apprehensive about firing the big G20, but didn't turn away the opportunity. It took him about 20 seconds to get the nerve to fire the first shot. After that, it was hard to get him to put it down.

    I'd like to use the G20 for deer hunting next fall, which is the main reason I purchased it over the G22. I am planning on sticking with stock parts for now, but will likely invest in better sights. I have been doing a lot of reading on different sight options, but would welcome any suggestions.

    I have never reloaded ammo before, but am seriously considering it now. I have heard that factory Glock barrels are not optimal for reloading, but have read here that many people do so with no issues. I guess if I were to start reloading, I will have to research the possibility of an aftermarket barrel. to any suggestions.

    The only regret I have is the fact that it took me so long to pick up the G20. Glad I did and can't wait to put more rounds through it.
  2. pasky2112

    pasky2112 Senior Member

    Aug 2, 2012
    Brevard, FL
    Congrats on your new G20! Mine is my favorite pistol to shoot. The more i shoot it, the more I love it, especially with the right ammo. You will want to reload...'nuff said. ;-)
    But on to your point, some will argue against an AM bbl to begin with but I have extensively used and found the KKM Precision to be excellent (in my .40's ,also). They've always been truly 'drop in' for me, reliable and accurate. I've seen mixed and inconsistant performance with LWD but i'll defer comments about those to those who've extensively used them. Bar-Sto's are more expensive and some require fitting but in my experience don't perform any better than the KKM's. Also, I've had various Underwood ammo brass smiles with my G20 stock 4.6" bbl and springs. Then I simply switched to a KKM and shot the rest of the box with no smiles. So I feel more confident in the KKM shooting high pressure loads. On another note, I use a SS 22# RSA to help lock in those cases long enough to contain pressure. After countless rounds of all kinds of ammo, I've had a handful of FTF which was likely d/t my own loads. IMO, if the bbl caused the FTF's, they'd be more frequent.
    I use stock sights but i mostly shoot IPDA distances and practice/test @ only 45'. But I have mepro tru-dots on my CCW. (G23 Gen4) Only down side I can tell is the front sight is a little tall. But it fits into my IWB holster. I just bought my first G29. I may put the same sights on it as I plan on using it for CCW as well.
    Sorry for the dissertation!
    That's my story... others MMV.

    Enjoy safe shooting with your G20!

  3. alwaysshootin


    Nov 14, 2005
    TLwolter, welcome to GT, and congrats on the G20 purchase. It's the best of the best, of the best!

    Not sure what manufactured ammo you are using, but when you run some underwood, down range, you will know, the 10, is for real. Along with that fact, you will also know, where your factory barrel stands, on whether, or not, the chamber support is enough. The bulge, depending on size, or the lack there of, will assist you in determining, if an after market barrel is needed. There are a number of aftermarket barrels available. At present I have owned three different manufactures offerings. All I will say, is I am very pleased with the Lone Wolf barrels, and all my future barrel purchases will from them. Lifetime warranted, as full case support as any in the market, and most reasonably priced!

    Oh yea, definitely start reloading!
  4. TLwolter


    Jan 10, 2013
    Thanks for the replies and the suggestions. The ammo that I have shot so far has been whatever I can find locally. 180 gr. Remington UMC and 155gr Hornady XTP. No hot loads by any means, but its available. Not sure how long I'll be waiting to order from Underwood. Looked at DoubleTap, but that just seems to be overpriced compared to what Underwood offers, so I think I'll hold off on DT.

    As to the re-loading...Where do I start? Would I be best to purchase a manual and start from there and if so, which one is recommended? I have been looking at some RCBS equipment, but just not sure of exactly what I need.
  5. alwaysshootin


    Nov 14, 2005
    I'd say start out in the reloading section right here on GT, bunch of great information to be had for sure. A good reloading book is an excellent start, without a doubt, but you will be amazed by just asking the question in the reloading section "where do I start" how many informative answers you will get. If any say to start with a progressive press, disregard, anything else they have to say. If someone suggest, get a Lee Classic Turret, their words are gospel! :supergrin:
  6. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
  7. TLwolter


    Jan 10, 2013
    Got out with the G20 again today. This time I was able to get a hold of some 200gr. DoubleTap ammo. Still waiting on Underwood to try, but I wanted to see what some of the more potent stuff does. Perceived recoil was a bit more, but nothing to get excited about. The spent brass all looked good. No smiles, no bulges, no failures.

    The only issue I had was with 2 very stray shots. I was shooting at 20 yards and was able to keep most shots within 6 inches of my mark, except for 2 shots. Not even on the paper. I was firing slow and deliberate shots. In fact, I stopped to find and inspect the ejected brass after each shot. It was 2 shots in a row, then I was back on target. So not sure what caused that. I watched a video on Youtube the other day that was demonstrating a standard Glock barrel and a KKM barrel. The shooter in that video had 2 flyers from the stock barrel. Maybe coincidence...or maybe something with the stock barrel and the hotter ammo.

    I did shoot some of the DoubleTap rounds into a chunk of 6x6 treated wood. The round made it 4 inches into the block before coming to a stop. I don't think a whitetail stands a chance.
  8. Agreed. I recently got into 10mm reloading and had no idea where to start. I didn't want fancy, just something that did the job. I bought a Lee Classic Turret, the 4-hole turret, some .40/10mm dies and of course the primer feeder and the powder measure (with extension). Reading up here on GT helped a lot, with plenty of YouTube videos to learn how to set it up right. Of course i also bought a digital caliper, scale, bullet puller and tumbler with media. What a great (and affordable) system. With the onset of the ammo/gun crisis I just bought components and dies to reload 1000 .45s and 1000 10mm rounds. Now, if I could only find the time to crank em out!
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013
  9. blastfact


    Aug 15, 2011
    Welcome to the 10mm club!

    Classic Turrent user here. Mine has loaded 1400 rounds over the last two weekends. 600 of that was 10mm! :)