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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by BlkBullitt, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. zgar

    Glock 19 gen4 own it, carry it, my favorite Glock !

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  2. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Congrats! I have two G19's (Gen 2 and a Gen 3) and I like 124+P Gold Dots in my G19's.

  3. Toby196

    Toby196 Fetching a rug.

    Congrats on the new G19. I love mine- a great, soft shooting, easy to conceal gun. I definitely recommend swapping in a smooth G17 trigger, but personally don't like the idea of going with a minus connector on a carry gun (that's just me though). I've found a quick/light 25 cent trigger job is just enough to get the trigger to where I like it, without lightening it.

    As far as defensive ammo, I'm currently carrying 147gr Federal HST, but I also have some 147gr Speer Gold Dot that functions great in my G19 too. I recently picked up some +P 147gr Federal HST rounds, but I don't like the fact that they actually penetrate a bit less than the regular 147gr rounds I already carry (didn't realize such until after I had placed my order). Anyway, as you can tell, I prefer the heavy-for-caliber bullets.

    ETA: Forgot to add, my G19 is actually a Franken-Glock. It's a Austrian proof Gen2 G19 slide assembly mounted on my Gen3 G23 frame (with smooth trigger and 9mm trigger housing installed). It's been flawless so far.

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  4. I just picked up my first Glock... first gun actually, on Tuesday. A Glock 19 Gen 4 blue label. I can't wait to shoot it.
  5. cadillacguns

    Millennium Member

    Very good, I carried a Glock-19 (2nd Gen) for years because I didnt like the Glock-23 (3rd Gen) finger grooves, got a well used/worn 2nd Gen G-23 one day and assigned the G-19 to the wife. Couldnt be happier.
  6. Right now I'm wishing I had a 23 as well since my LGS has cases upon cases of .40, but no 9mm.
  7. Congrats on the new G19!
  8. You'll love it. If my LGS had a Gen4 I would have picked it up as I like the RTF, but in this current market I was happy to find a new Gen3 at a good price.
  9. I also don't like the finger grooves on my 23.

    I was lucky enough to find my gen2 19 in a pawn shop
    in 90% condition. All original black parts and non captured
    RSA. Installed all the updated parts but it shot great
    with the originals. I'm looking for a gen2 G23 now.
  10. Speer Gold Dot 124 gr +P
  11. dregotglock

    dregotglock CHL Instructor

    Congrats on the new GLOCK 19. Fantastic platform.

    For defense ammo I will only carry Federal HST or Winchester Ranger T. I also tend to go heavy grain vs lighter grain.

    Here is a link to some data (it is not new data) that I think is a good read and you may find informative. This is not an end all but a good starting point for research.

    Be safe,

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