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  1. Hello from frigid SE SD! The Glock M19 Gen4 is the first hand gun I've owned and I really like it. Being a retired Marine, hand guns aren't foreign to me; however, my M.O.S. didn't require me to regularly fire the standard issue Beretta 9mm.

    Before I made my choice, I went down to my local gun shop a few times and talked with the guys there - got their thoughts on the top 3 or so 9mm's. I then went down there a few times to fire 3 different makes/models... concentrating on the sizes that would be better suited for CC. I've fired the Glock M17 quite a few years ago and remembered liking the trigger pull. What sold me on the Glock were a couple of things: of course, there's the Glock reputation; the safety system of the Glock - I didn't like having to remember to switch a lever (on other makes) to fire the gun; and finally, the sights - I find that I can acquire my target quicker with the rear sight set-up that the Glock uses.

    The wife is really getting the itch to get her own gun too, so we'll use the same approach to find a hand gun that fits her.

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  2. Not sure if your wife has big or small hands,,, mine has small and we bought a glock 27 40 cal today and she says she loves the way it feels in her hand. Although the lever to unlock it is tight for her..... im sure it will loosen up the more she uses it.
    Im thinking Glock is the way to go for comfort and reliability.

    The Beans

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  5. Beans - thanks for the info. Yes, my wife has small hands too. She's concerned about the "kickback" (most of us know it as recoil - LOL), so we'll go shoot a few different cal's.
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