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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by Tinus de Jager, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for all the information on the forum ... it's a good read.

    I'm a teacher in Johannesburg and found your forum while doing research on what handgun to buy after I found my neighbour bleeding in the street; he was pistol-whipped in a home invasion.

    I have owned a G17 Gen 4 since September last year, have run about 4000 rounds through it (without any cases hitting me in the face :cool:) and I am doing my IDPA new shooter orientation and shooting my first classifier tomorrow morning.

    Looking forward to being a "real" member of Glock Talk.


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  2. BicycleDay43

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    We're glad to have you here! How long have you been teaching? :wavey:


  3. Thanks BD43. I have been training people for most of my career, but I have been teaching full time at Monash University for only about a year now.
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. :welcome: Enjoy the forum....................
  6. wow! welcome aboard!
  7. G21FAN

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    How is Jo-berg at this time of year?
  8. It's supposed to be summer, but we have not seen the sun in two days ... lots of rain. I measured four inches of rain in the past two days. Temp at around 77 - 80 degrees.

    No shooting ... it's too wet. :crying:
  9. oily_oink

    oily_oink ###########

    :welcome: From Michigan!
  10. Tinus
    The last time I was in your fair city was 84 and must say I enjoyed my self.
    Love the fish Clip King I think I was it was called.
    Welcome aboard I am brand new myself.
    Cheers NC
  11. welcome to the forum.

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