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  1. Amazing how NY has these strict gun laws, but they are completely different requirements County by County. Living in Upstate NY just about everyone gets CCW permits. When you purchase a new gun, you have to go to the County Clerks office and they add the gun your permit. You get coupon that goes back to the FFL/Seller as the proof the County has registered the gun against your permit. No police involved.

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  2. NY is slowly changing from "New York" to "Nazi York". The chair against the wall is reminiscent of WWII actual codes that were used.

  3. Also they issue a purchase 'coupon' for one pistol, which you have to bring into the main police station, to show them the serial number ... :upeyes:

    Ain't NY fun ? ... :upeyes:

    Ah yes, the purchase document... Where I am you have to pay $5 for a purchase document which is good for 20 days. You go to the precinct pay a $5 fee for a purchase document and this allows you to purchase a handgun, I affectionately call it a " permission slip". Once purchased you return to the precinct with the purchase doc and they add the firearm to your license ( within 20 days, felony if longer I think ). Nassau has it easier as their purchase docs are good for a year. Its a real pain. When I went looking for my G30 I waited until I found one at a reasonable price , put down a deposit and had to go get a Purchase doc, purchased the gun and then went back to the precinct to have the gun added to my license. Its really difficult because in this climate every model of every gun is not available and you don't want to get a PD until you know you found a gun to purchase or else it will expire. Also you cannot go to a range with a gun that has not been added to your license, the range will turn you away, so you have to carry the PD with you unitl it is added. I found out the hard way, I bought a used Kimber Ultra CDP2 and wanted to try it out before having it added to my license, I have heard that it is difficult to have a fire arm removed from your license once added in the event of a return. I went to the range for a test drive and when the guy asked my what I'd be shooting I told him .45, but, then only gun on my license was my Sig 226 in 9mm. Luckily I had the purchase doc in my range bag or he would have sent me home.
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    Papieren bitte! If you have nothing to hide; you have nothing to fear.
  5. Welcome. NJ purchase is as bad or worse. Here we need our FID and then a P2P which is a permit to buy a pistol. They are only good for 90 days, but can be renewed for another 90 days. You are only allowed to buy one handgun every 31 days - I think it is the death penalty or similar if you slip up and buy in 30 days. When you go to buy a handgun they also run an "Instant" Nics check. That used to take 10 minutes, but the state police shut down the phone lines and now require Nics to be done by fax. The "instant" checks are now taking over a week to come back.
  6. I actuallty just took a the Utah CCW permit class and the instructor went over some of the NJ handgun laws, the Hollow point thing was interesting. Is NJ the same in all counties/ townships? Here in NY the crazy thing is that the Handgun laws vary from county to county and sometimes within a county. I just read that they made things a little easier on the purchase document front in Nassau County, which is the next county over from Suffolk, where I live, and they just added another restriction in Suffolk.
  7. In theory NJ is the same everywhere, in practice it is not. To get your FID or P2P you either go to your local town police department (if your town has one) otherwise the state police. They are supposed to charge the same amounts and use the same forms but they don't. The state law says something about the process should be done in under 30 days, but that is very rare anymore. I got mine in 28 days and that was very rare. Some towns are taking over 6 months to get you an FID or P2P these days.
  8. I am glad I am not living in the republic of New York. Of course Colorado is now trying to follow on by being the first western state to pass further infringements to our 2nd Amendment rights. Of course it is being fought but I don't see a lot of hope now... Good luck on getting things changed in New York! I know people here are already organizing for the next election cycle which I fully support.
  9. So how does that work then, is the carry permit in NYS only valid to carry in that County, or is it valid across the state. If the latter, then why not just rent a small apartment in a pro gun county and get a permit so you can carry in the libertard part of the state?
  10. Welcome! Keep up the good fight up there!
  11. My understanding is that NYS always issues a full carry permit, but, each county is inclined to add a sportsmans "restriction" based on their own criteria for due cause to issue a full carry permit. From what I understand in Upstate NY almost all permit applicants are issued full carry ( concealed carry only ) permits with no sportsmans restriction. I am in Downstate NY and almost all applicants are issued the same full carry permit , but, with the sportmans endorsement, in effect limiting carry. I think that you can file for a restriction free carry permit but have to show due cause for the restriction to be omitted. I think that there is a business type license for which you can have the permit restriction lifted if you can show that you own a business and carry $4000.00 dollars at least 3 or 4 days a week, but this would only allow you to carry when conducting business. In all of my years in NY, 42, I only know two people with this type of CCW permit in NY. Most people don't apply this way, I think, for fear of denial which can make reapplying difficult. Sorry for the long post, but, I live in a complicated state.
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