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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by nyrico, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Hey all, new to pistols, received my pistol permit in November '12, and even newer to Glock, just added my first Glock to the collection, a Gen 4 G30. Did a lot of research here prior to the purchase and decided to join once I bought it, there is a lot of good info here.

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    :welcome: Enjoy GT....................

  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome to Andrews list.

    molan labe
  5. Welcome!
  6. Welcome. You say that you received your "pistol permit" is this a permit to purchase only? is this also a carry permit? CC-OC?
  7. In downstate NY it is near impossible to get a full carry permit. I have handgun permit with a sportsman endorsement that basically allows me to purchase and carry to and from approved ranges and carry while hunting afield. Its what most in NY can get.
  8. welcome to the forum.
  9. Welcome from oc ny
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  11. Roger that, we in Michigan are with all you gun owners in NY to get your gun rights restored, keep fighting.
  12. Cuomo for 2016 lol
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
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    Welcome Nyrico from all your brothers and sisters in Free America. The chair is against the wall. The chair is against the wall.
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    Tongue in cheek...ergo...our NY Brothers and Sisters are now behind the iron curtain,,,,,,,,,,er uh,,,,,,the Bloomberg Curtain due to the imposition of recent unconstitutional gun laws.

    The phrase has been used many times before as code and in both RED DAWN movies, you see it used.

    Here's a link with more description:
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    As additional info to the answer above, some counties in NY (my example was Nassau) issue a carry to and from range only permit. ... :frown:

    Also they issue a purchase 'coupon' for one pistol, which you have to bring into the main police station, to show them the serial number ... :upeyes:

    Purchase coupons are issued in a weekly cycle (on Thursday) and you have a limited number of days to bring the gun in.

    If you buy too many guns (and annoy them every week) they will crab at you.
    Don't know if they can actually stop you though ...

    Ain't NY fun ? ... :upeyes:

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    Welcome to GT.

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