NEW Dillon Super 1050... First impressions

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Boxerglocker, Jan 3, 2013.

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    OK thought I would just go ahead and start a new thread now that I have my new Super 1050 up and running.

    I bought the press set up to be dedicated to .223 so when I got it it had a few extras such as dies and small casefeed plate which I already had on a dedicated tool head for my XL650. I transferred everything over and am going to sell the extras. I also am using my existing powder drop with Uniquetek micrometer dial.

    Mounting and set-up was a breeze, I guess because of my familiarity with the Dillon line and the number of threads I read on various forums regarding possible issues I may encounter. Not to mention I downloaded the PDF manual several weeks ago and made myself very familiar with the set-up and adjustments that would be needed.

    Once I got set-up I proceeded to load my first 100 rounds, taking it nice and slow, total time from start to finish was 8 minutes and change. Bear in mind that the brass I loaded has already been sized, decapped and trimmed on my XL650 with RT1200. The first station is occupied by a Lee Universal decapper die just to ensure the flash holes are clear of media.

    I have to say it took me a few dozen pulls to get use to the fact that the forward push to seat primers was not needed. I can now understand what BE says about it is a "feeling like no other" seating primers on the down stroke. The press is smooth in action, the ratcheting of the toolhead that others mentioned gave me no issues at all. I could barely feel the primer pocket swaging the LC brass I was loading and I have the handle set to the center adjustment (mid-range torque).

    The only thing I can see as a negative is the ergonomics of the press do not allow me to easily see inside the case so I'll most likely get a Dillon powder check for added insurance. I also wish they had the same aluminum roller handle they offer for the 550/650.

    Well that's it for now, what else can I say? It's a Dillon and it works out of the box, no drama, no headaches... at least for now.


    OH one more thing... You were right Hoser, I already regret not getting one much sooner.

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  3. Maybe the roller handle from InlineFabrication?


  4. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

  5. The Dillon one is nicer then that. Even the Plastic Dillon is nicer.

    Brian Enos sells the roller handle only that you can swap on too the existing 1050 handle. Just need the right tool to reach the clip way inside the handle
  6. Bello

    Bello America/Italia

    Get one of Adams balls! P.s. Mitch I'm going to need to test 100 rounds of your handloads :p
  7. Boxerglocker

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    He does?

    Adams billiard ball handles won't work on a 1050 handle, it's set up for the roller only and has drilled detents for length of pull adjustments.
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    I am very pleased with the Dillon Powder check set-up. I've read several negative remarks about it -- none of which I've understood. I think it's the best thing since frozen pizza! It frees you to monitor other parts of the process.
  9. How is the Varget working out for you with the Dillon measures
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  10. Boxerglocker

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    It really doesn't... Best I get is +/- 0.1

    I use Varget only for my precision bolt gun stuff with 69smks and use my LNL auto charge to throw those and load on my single stage with Lapua match brass.
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  11. Boxerglocker,

    Nice machine! Looks like you got a real organized reloading room.

  12. shotgunred

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    1. impression I hate you.
    2. maybe I am a little jealous.
    3.. impression yes I hate you.
  13. WiskyT

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    I can't comment on the 1050 other than to say mazel tov. If the powder check die is the same as the 650 I can comment on that. It is very safe. You can adjust it, to a degree, to be more likely or not to sound off from an over charge. It has it's limits, but that shouldn't apply to what you are doing. I used up some AA#5 I had in 40 SW. It is such a low volume of powder, and AA5 is so fine, that the probe of the sensor would bottom out on the floor of the case as it pushed the powder out of the way. With probably one inch or more of powder in your case, I don't see that happening.

    It won't tell you if you are off by a few grains, but it will definitely tell you if you have a severely undercharged case. If you were a few grains over, or under, in 223, you wouldn't blow anything up or stick a bullet in your bore.
  14. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Thanks Whiskey, a favorable review on the powder check from someone such as yourself definitely pushes me further in the direction of it's the way to go.
  15. I use it where I can. The GSI bullet feeders allow you to seat and crimp in two steps and retain a powder check die, they are only for pistol though. I use a Kiss feeder for .223 and it takes the spot used by the PC die.
  16. EL_NinO619

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    Ditto :supergrin:

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