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Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by bug, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Warp


    That 'no lube' on AR15 bolt carrier enough to send me running in the opposite direction at full speed, honestly

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  2. Damn people can find a argument anywhere any more.

    I was trying to give folks a heads up with a product that's hard to find.

    I am going to try one when they come in, I shoot 5-6000 rounds during the warm months. I will put them all through the gun with this carrier and let you all know How it goes.

    That's if I can find ammo,I use wolf most of the time so I will actually try going with out lube and see how many rounds it takes till failure happens

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  3. Warp


    Don't use lube.
  4. 12131

    12131 Monkeyboy

    Thanks for trying it out and giving report back, when you get the chance. If there weren't for folks like you, there would never have been progresses in the world. If all humans had sat around and wait and see and speculate and bash, we would still be driving on squared tires. :supergrin:
  5. I will not use lube thats the plan.
  6. RMTactical


    Pricey. I wonder how good the finish is. Could it be better than NiB?
  7. The bread and butter on here for some is finding something to argue about it seems.

    I think they look like they are worth a try. I will join you in picking one up next month as a spare BCG, too bad we can not pre order as I would today. BUt I think the fact that they are not taking pre orders is a good sign of their business practice. Linked the website so I can order one in March, thanks :wavey:

  8. Cool I will get one and report back to this thread what I find...
    Who knows maybe its a great product.
    Or it could be yet another in a long line of flops.
    Like I said its a local company to me 10 min away so for me its a have to try thing...
  9. michael_b

    michael_b BRC #1492

    Yeah, that's what stood out to me too. Come on.... I don't even shoot mine much and I keep it lubed very well.

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  10. For less than $250 it is worth a shot to try. Worse case it becomes a emergency back up BCG. I think it might just turnout to be pretty good. :)
  11. Warp


    Worse case?

    If you will never use the gun it goes into for anything 'important', then the worse case is that when it breaks catastrophically it damages another part of the gun and you have to replace it and replace/repair the other part of the gun.

    Or maybe it breaks and you have to go buy another bolt or carrier or whatever specific little part in order to make the rifle functional again.

    No way in hell the worse case is that it works, but you don't like it so you replace it with something else.
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  12. Constructor


    The treatment/finish sounds like Melonite. Nothing wrong with it at all but I would use oil. A 70c carrier sliding in rough anodizing on the receiver that is also near 70c is going to heat up and wear something.
  13. Ok update time.

    Went to see the factory where they are made in Akron.

    1 the specs are there carpenter steal proper staking well made
    on par or better than any carrier out there.
    2 the process and finish are basically a Melonite/Tenifer type of finish and its done well.
    3 The company doing the work is doing the finishes for half the company's in the industry
    when I was there I seen, barrels for LWRC, 4000 S&W M&P hand gun slides, Kriss Barrels lots of 1911 frames/slides, sights, BCGs for all kinds of company's enough AR barrels to make you cry.
    GE train engine cylinders and all kinds of stuff I could not identify.

    I tried to upload a pic but its a cell picture its crappy but its all i got

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  14. Matthew Courtney

    Matthew Courtney Instructor #298

    Not high pressure tested, batch MPI, carrier made drom 8620 while bolt carpenter 158, and reduced, not eliminated Oil and grease requirements claimed. The "proprietary hardening process" concerns me the most. Harder often does not mean stronger. Sometimes harder means more brittle.
  15. I understand but he took the time to take me, a nobody for a tour to show me every thing.
    I am not a operator, I am a fat truck driver.
    But he still took the time to show me around.
    I have to respect that about him he could have told me to F off. I told him I was curious about the product.
    I was in the there lab I can tell you they are testing this product and all the other stuff as well. As I said they had a lot of manufacturers stuff there for this coating.

    As far as the process you are probably using a barrel or other parts already that they coated. If you have a S&W M&P they more than likely did the melonite finish. Would you consider a M&P a bad product?

    I don't work for them and its up to everyone to make there own choice.
    But I am glad they are trying.

    But its a american product built here by honorable guys, that were not afraid to show me what they are doing.

    I bought one and will report back on its performance if I can find ammo.

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  16. Matthew Courtney

    Matthew Courtney Instructor #298

    There are so many apples to hammers comparisons in your post that No coherent rational response can be made. Great leaps forward are made by guys who try new things, but most who try new things have many failures for every leap forward.
  17. Cool I like apples and hammers

    Not sure what was hard about my post for you, I will make it simple.

    1 nice guys
    2 what appears to me to be quality product
    3 try one if you want I did.
    4 I am not a internet commando I admit it, I am fat truck driver.
    5 they are a OEM supplier what's confusing about that?
    6 its a free country and you may do as you wish I was just reporting back on what I found..

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  18. I held one yesterday that my buddy bought from them. He was very happy with the buying experience.

    I wasn't, however, impressed with the carrier key staking. It looked nice and uniform, but didn't displace metal into the screws, which is the whole point obviously. They also use Allen screws, and I believe the Torx screws are the popular choice now.
  19. Thanks for the report, rather anyone buys one or not you took the time to give us the info. :wavey:
  20. I look at it like a spare tire in my car. Just used to get me thru in a pinch. Would you rather have a spare BCG of "unknown" quality or not have a spare BCG at all? I choose the former, no big deal. :wavey:

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