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  1. Just for a thought, has anybody heard of the SCAMP designed by Colt in the 70's ?
    A 40 gr. .224 bullet @ 2200 fps.
    In a handgun.
    About the same power as a 9mm.
    Less recoil.
    3 round burst capable.
    Just a bit lighter to carry than a 1911.

    The wheel is round, it wasn't FN's idea people !:rofl:

    uncle albert

    (I still want a .224 BOZ !)

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  3. Hi Geesie.....
    When I get back to the shop on tue. I'll see what I can do about getting more details, O.K. ?

    uncle albert
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    Love ya, Unkle.
  5. This info is from:
    "Small Arms of the World"
    Eleventh Edition
    Stackpole Books
    Revision of W.H.B.Smith's original book by Edward Clinton Ezell
    Copyright 1977
    Hope that covers everybody, now to the data !

    Colt Military Arms Division...
    The Colt SCAMP (small caliber machine pistol)was designed in the early 70's as a personal defense weapon with the equivilant lethality of a 9mm Parabellum weapon but with less recoil. Prototypes of the SCAMP fired a 2.6 gram (40 gr.).22 cal. projectile at 640 M.P.S. (2100 fps) producing a muzzle energy nearly as great as the 9mm Para.
    SCAMP was managable even with it's high rate of fire. The U.S.Army subsequently experimented with similar weapons as part of the Personal Defense Weapons Program.

    The magazine held 27 rds.
    Semi auto & 3 rd. burst
    Locked breech, fires from closed bolt
    Gas operated
    Cyclic rate of 1500 rpm

    The case is a bottleneck design with length of 29 mm.
    Other than the overall length being 2mm longer, the line drawing shows a case virtually identical to the 5.7 x 27 round. Base size is almost exact.

    I wish I had a way to show the drawing, as it compares to a 9mm & a .22 lr

    Unfortunately, I'm a computer Moron, so I don't know how to get it from the book to this page.

    uncle albert

    (Geesie, still no REAL answer, you Debbil !)
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