New bike - title issues

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by Jtemple, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. My temp tags expire on the 22nd. So, I went to the DMV on Friday to buy plates and discover that I'm missing the paperwork required to get the bike titled.

    I call the dealership, who tells me that they mailed the paperwork to my credit union the day after I bought the bike.

    I then call the credit union, who tells me that they never received the paperwork from the dealer.

    So, it looks like I may have to garage my bike, starting the 22nd, until they (the credit union and the dealership) get their s*** together.

    The dealership is closed on Mondays. Tuesday, I'm calling them back to raise all heck until I get taken care of.
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    That's a real bummer. Get on the dealership and crack the whip!!!

  3. Believe me, I will! If anything has to be mailed somewhere, it will be overnighted, too!
  4. Got a call from the dealer today. The dealership is closed, and she gave me her home number, which is impressive.

    She informed me that she got in touch with my credit union, they found the title paperwork, and are forwarding it to me right away.

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