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New Benelli M2

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by frankr, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. I just bought a new M2 Tactical. I brought it home and gave it a good cleaning. Can’t wait to take it to the range. My first Benelli so any helpful tips on the type of ammo, break in or anything else pertaining to my M2 would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you
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  2. Take it out and shoot it. Great guns. Mine eats anything. I put the urbino stock on mine because the LOP on the regular benelli pistol grip is really long for me. I really like it.

  3. Big Bird

    Big Bird NRA Life Member

    Aug 7, 2003
    Louisville KY
    I love my Benellis! My experience is they will feed ANYTHING you want to use in them provided you give the gun a couple hundred rounds of standard and heavy loads to slick up the action some and break in the springs. After that they gobble even the light loads easily.

    I use my Benelli's VERY hard. I had my SBE II out in the duck blind for the season opener in Arkansas this weekend. Was working a new dog who still doesn't know his way around a duck blind yet and he knocked my Benelli over into 2 feed of flooded, muddy rice field water . Got totally dunked both days and came up covered in mud, rice straw etc. Both times I just shook it off and it never missed a beat. BOOM BOOM BOOM... Out of 10 guys in our duck blind this weekend 8 had Benellis one had a Remington Versamax and one had a Stoeger. I did ZERO maintenance on that gun all weekend other than standing it up next to the wall vent on Saturday night to let it dry out. Didn't even oil it. I really need to run a garden hose over it tomorrow and take it apart and clean it again before next weekend when I'll spend three more days shooting God's little creatures.

    Here's Saturday's haul with the unrepentant offending hound![​IMG]
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  4. They're really pretty awesome shotguns. There's alot to be said for bombproof reliability and function.
  5. F_G


    Jan 11, 2010
    Crown King, AZ
    My M1 Super 90 and M2 Tactical eat anything I feed them. My M2 seems to hold the tightest group with Remington slugs, it will put them on a paper plate at 100yds all day long.

    I wanted to thank you again for your help with my 930SPX, unfortunately I think I got a lemon as I had numerous problems and just couldn't trust that thing.

    You're gonna' love your Benelli.
  6. Thank you, I already do. I think way down I always wanted the Benelli M2 Tactical. A friend of mine has one and I’ve always liked the workmanship of his Benelli. When I had the opportunity to get one at what I think was a great price I jumped at it. I have to admit I traded my 930 SPX but now I’m not looking back but just enjoying my M2 Tactical. I was and still am a fan of the 930SPX but was having trouble defending their quality especially after I started having issues. My M2 Tactical is more accurate than my 930 was and I think it might have something to do with the Benelli Choke system. It to has been 100% reliable with every type of load I’ve put through it. Right our of the box it functioned flawlessly with 100 rounds of the Winchester Universal value pack I picked up at Wal-Mart.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and say safe.