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New Barnes-X offering from Good To Go Ammo

Discussion in 'TOP GUNS *357 Sig* Club' started by theAlgorithmist, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. theAlgorithmist


    May 13, 2012
    Dallas, TX
    Disclaimer: I am not employed by or affiliated with Good To Go Ammo. I take shooting lessons from Scott Caylor . I've been shooting GTG practice rounds ever since purchasing my Glocks, so I'm a customer, but that's it :) I've also shot Buffalo Bore, Underwood, and will probably try out the MBI 125gr in the very near future, so I'm not married to one brand.

    I have been pushing Scott to expand the GTG Defensive Operator Ammunition to include 357 Sig, mostly in the direction of the Barnes-X and Hornady XTP rounds. So, it's kind of exciting to announce a new offering from GTG - the 125 gr. Barnes-X all copper bullet in 357 Sig.

    Okay, your first question is probably what's the velocity? We did not go the Underwood hypervelocity for the sake of velocity route. This is carry ammo and my guess is that Buffalo Bore probably already has the hottest Barnes load in this weight, so the velocity target was near-parity with BB commensurate with low-flash, smooth recoil, and safety.

    Scott shoots competitively ( so he recommended Vihtavuori powder. My subjective opinion is that the recoil from this new load has more of a push than a pure snap, which I really like. No smoke and not a hint of muzzle flash even in low-lit indoor ranges.

    From my previous post on Buffalo Bore and Underwood, the BB Barnes 125 gr round averaged 1375 fps from my G31 with KKM 5.3" barrel. The GTG load is at 1367 for the same configuration. There was room to push the velocity higher, but Scott consulted some ballistics experts familiar with the Barnes bullet and they recommended against it. This confirmed my suspicion that Buffalo Bore has this round loaded about as hot as you can get.

    Other than a new carry option for 357 Sig, this sounds pretty underwhelming until you look at the BB web site. As of the date of this post, their price for 20 rounds of the Barnes-X 125 gr in 357 Sig is $35.25 . The GTG price is $28 for 20 rounds.

    Caveat: This round is not up on the GTG web site yet and it is an 'on demand' fulfillment at this time. GTG does not currently stock the Barnes-X bullets. Delivery time will be delayed by the time to receive the Barnes Bullets at GTG. With any hint of demand for this new offering, however, Scott has given his assurance that GTG will stock them in advance.

    You may contact Jennifer Caylor - for more information.

    Final disclaimer: I participated in the testing of various powder loads for this round. I did not receive ANY consideration or price concession in my initial order or for making this announcement. In fact, I paid for ALL the chrono rounds out of my own pocket AND my initial minimum order was in the hundreds, not 20 rounds.
  2. NitLion


    Feb 11, 2001
    Thanks for all your efforts with this!! It seems like a really neat process to be involved with... I will be first in line (maybe - hopefully someone beats me to it) to order.... doing it now! :wavey:

  3. theAlgorithmist


    May 13, 2012
    Dallas, TX
    Hope you enjoy the load. I've got 200 rounds in my go-bag, two mags full, and the rest in a small bag to shoot over my next couple practice sessions :)