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Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by dango, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. I was officially releast from that ( BED ) , The 17th !
    Got my first speeding ticket , ever , the 18th , 84 MPH in a 65 !
    That there sword , I fully understand the physics , inertia and other forces at work here ! It's 98 CMS end to end and weighs
    at most- 6 1/2 lbs. . Just by these forces , the energy can increase 10 fold !

    Well , Ooouch ! I am so sore I can't believe it ?
    Seems everything is going to plan.....! :supergrin:

    PS: My shooting has much improved , that two story house , it's
    over , I own it ! By next week-end , I might be down to a one story house....! :supergrin:
    Up-date: Wow , been in this bed too long...! That would have been
    the 14th Thursday and 15th Friday! Eeeeck ! I think I need that Wild Turkey after all........! Don't even know what day it is......Eeeeeck !

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  3. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    I don't think I have written any 84s this week, so I guess it wasn't me.

  4. Paul53

    Paul53 Geezer Boomer

    It's scofflaws like you that are pushing this country to heck in a handbasket!

    Congrats on your freedom.
  5. Scofflaws ? Thank you but I'm not really into handbaskets and
    to become a productive man again , It is great to be free and back out in my shop soon ! Art and beauty again , I'll have to learn how to post pics. :cool:
  6. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady


    You have to learn the RIGHT way to get a speeding ticket.

    About 2 or 3 years ago, I was pulled over for the first time in my "many" years of driving.

    *Note. I drive a red Mustang, and I do not believe I was speeding. Cars were passing me like I was standing still. BUT I tend to have a lead foot, so I figured it was for all the times I did NOT get caught. I was cooperative.

    The officer asked me for my driver's license and my vehicle registration. Very "sweetly" I gave him all of the informatioin he asked for. (I did notice, however, that there was a lady in a car already over to the side of the road that he was talking to when I pulled over. AND she remained there after I left, as he pulled more vehicles over for speeding.)

    ANY way...we completed the paperwork, and he said he was going to go easy on me, and the fine would be lower than it could have been. (I was thankful because I was going to be going to Hawaii with my mom and sisters the following week and did want to diminish my spending money to severely.)

    WELL....long to short. HE made the ticket out to my HUSBAND (via the vehicle registration) instead of me! :shocked: My husband was not too happy about that, but he rode it out until it went to court, and all charges were thrown out because he had documented proof that he was no where near the scene of the crime! :wow:

    We laugh about it now, but when the citation came in the mail, made out to my hubby...I told him, "Honey I knew you loved me and would do anything for me, but THIS is above and beyond!!! :rofl:
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  7. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

    You can innocently blame it on your spouse....if you play it right! ;)
  8. Thank's for that info but , it won't work here. The wife lost her
    legal right to drive back in 1989 because of medical reasons.
    I'll pay it and move on.

    This is the longest I've been sober , I mean totally sober,Meds. ,
    Alcohol , etc. and I don't like it....! To all , Have a safe and happy Thanks Giving and drink somethin for me...!


    PS: The LEO was polite and did give me a break ! How fast was I
    going.....? 5th.
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  9. It's that time , for an up-date ! I'm doin pretty damn good . Shooting better , still not doing the pain meds , life doth go on.

    About the biggest problem I'm having is getting used to my missing finger. It has changed things , like my katana. having trouble with the left hand . I'm sure this will pass but it is totally different without that finger.
    I'll keep at it and will get used to it in time. To much time , too many years invested and refuse to walk away.

    You don't know how lucky you are , I'm not talking to myself anymore and don't plan to.
    Lucky yoos....! :supergrin:

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