New 26 w/ misfires

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by G14classified, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    I was hoping my first post here wouldn't be about an issue with my gen 3 glock 26, but today I had 4 misfires out of 150 rounds of 115gr Magtech (my gen 3 glock 19 runs these without issue).

    This is a new gun to me with a born date of 5-25-12. I just stripped the gun and pressed down on the firing pin safety and the firing pin doesn't move in and out of the firing pin hole as freely as it does with my 19. I took the slide apart and the firing pin channel is clean.

    Should continue to troubleshoot this myself, by experimenting with a different firing pin spring or should this get sent to glock?


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  3. glock1769

    glock1769 Member

    When you say it's new to you...does that mean someone else had it first? Or, is it new out of the box. I recently acquired a "new" G26 Gen4...I've got about 150 rounds through it. Been using what they have at the range...Federal 115 gr ammo. No problems so far....

  4. First, determine if the problem is the pistol or the ammo, by looking at the failed rounds. If you got a good strike on the primer, the pistol did its job and the ammo didn't. It happens with cheap ammo sometimes, no big deal.
  5. It's a new gun. Aside from William Goldberger (glock tech that packed the two shells with gun, I'm the 2nd guy to shoot it.
  6. With the slide off the pistol and the striker locked back in the channel, shake the slide. Can you hear the striker rattle back and forth? If not something is binding it.

    When you looked at the striker were the spring cups seated properly? Make sure that the point where the spring cups join is not over the end of the spring where the spring actually starts.

    Also check the channel liner for any rough spots, if you can get a light down in there.

    When you press on the striker safety block does it move up and down freely?

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  7. At the range, I did compare the spent casings with the misfires and the failed rounds are not as indented.
  8. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    Try this Field Inspection procedure on the fully assembled and unloaded pistol before contacting Glock customer service:

    Excerpt from Glock Armorer's Manual, ©GLOCK 2009, Page 64:

    Firing Pin Safety Release (free movement)

    When the trigger is pulled, the firing pin safety moves upwards and clears the firing pin channel to allow the firing pin to move freely to strike the primer with sufficient force. With an unloaded pistol, point it in a safe direction and pull the trigger. Hold the trigger rearward and shake the entire pistol. You should hear the firing pin moving forwards and backwards. This ensures the firing pin channel is unobstructed and the firing pin safety has been moved enough to allow the firing pin to move freely.​
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  9. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about with the spring cups, this is on Advantage Arms Strikers.

    I had the cups misaligned on my G17 cause me problems a few weeks ago and had a heck of a time figuring it out. Apparently it was causing intermittent light strikes.

  10. I can hear the firing pin rattling in the slide when the striker is locked back. When I press on the safety block and shake it moves freely. When I press on the safety block and simply just point the muzzle up and down it doesn't move as freely, the pin will partially stick out of the pin hold. My glock 19 can move freely by pointing the muzzle up and down (without shaking) when the safety block is depressed.
  11. The spring cups are fine.

    Thanks for your replies and suggestions.

    I just switched firing pin with my glock 19 and now it moves freely in and out of the pin hole by pointing the muzzle up and down, without having to shake. I put the glock 26 firing to see if it had the same issue it the 26, but it doesn't, so now I'm confused.:dunno:.

    I'll hit the range with both guns tomorrow and report any issues.
  12. Its a possibility firing pin spring is 4Lb causing it lite strikes... By any chance you have a 3.5 connector in there? If so then you must have all the reduced springs in there... and should change the firing pin spring to a 6Lb...

    4Lb can cause misfires but lightens the pull but should only be used for competition purposes... Change to 6Lb and you will still have a light pull but no misfires...

    Stock glock is 5Lb what comes with the pistol but i would put a heavier one...
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  13. have you removed the firing pin block to see if there is a problem with it or its spring ?.
  14. Could be the firing pin block spring is not installed properly. Happened to me, the spring was kinda sideways.
  15. Bruce M

    If you are going to the range tomorrow it might be an idea to try or at least have some different ammunition with you.
  16. Sup all,
    I'm happy and relieved to report that I had no issues with the 26 at the range just now. This is with the swapped 19 firing pin assembly. Having also fired the 19 with the 26 firing pin assembly, the 19 has no issues as well. I will run both guns like this for another several hundred rounds before swapped them back.
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  17. Good news. Thanks for the update.

  18. G14,

    Your story sounds exactly like mine, three or four lite primer strikes out of a hundred. I stripped the slide and cleaned and inspected several times. Didn't help. Very dis-heartened with this wonderful G26 Gen3, I finally asked a knowledgable range employee and was informed that the slide was not going to full battery causing the lite, off-center primer strikes. The cause was me, not the pistol or ammo. Limp wristing? Not me!.... But the problem went away.
  19. Bruce M

    Good to hear your G26 is functioning well now.
  20. You beat me to it a bit.
    I would check the chamber for crud and to make sure it is in spec. If too tight, rounds won't chamber all the way.
    Also take a look at the [part that gets the groove on the G30sf - the part the trips the firing pin block]. If it or the block is rough, it can drag, causing a slight out of battery, or even drag on the firing pin. I am no convinced the problem is in the striker. If it rattles around it should be fine. Check the extractor for a burr. The rim has to slide up under it and again, if it can not feed smoothly, you can get a slight out of battery condition. Then when you fire some of the force of the striker moves the cartridge forward in the chamber, leaving not enough to set off the primer.
  21. I have seen this, in a few brand new Glocks

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