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New 2000 Tacoma Shocks

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by -=DFOX=-, May 20, 2005.

  1. -=DFOX=-

    -=DFOX=- Border Bandit

    Sep 17, 2001
    Anyone ever replace the fronts on an 4x4 Tacoma? I was looking through the Rancho site and it said the RS5000's are not available for Tacomas and Tundras? WTF? Is there something magic about them?
  2. streeter69

    streeter69 This is Kewl

    Nov 25, 2001
    I like annoying people.
    Yes, they are a strut setup.

  3. UCF-Tacoma

    UCF-Tacoma Super Member

    Feb 2, 2001
    I had a '95 that I replaced the front shocks on when I was installing new coils. I'm fairly sure I put Rancho 5000s all the way around. It's NOT a fun experience replacing the front shocks. If you've got the cash then pay someone else to replace them or take off the strut assembly and take that someplace to change out the shocks. Using one of the coil spring compressors that you can rent at AutoZone will get the springs off but it's somewhat dangerous and definitely time consuming.

    Bilstien obviously makes some for the front since that's what comes on the TRD. Put those on the front if you can't find 5000s and then put 5000s on the back.