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  1. First off,

    Thank you everyone for the welcomes and answering my questions etc :) I really appreciate it. Second off yea I thought the punisher grips would be cool looking, But after seeing some of the awesome VZ grips I don't even like the punisher ones anymore!! VZ makes a lot of nice grips! Also I didnt think about it that way knedrgr, I am going to take the advice on not getting the punishers haha.

    Yea at $387 total for shipping, gun, and ffl xfer thats an amazing price and I couldn't believe it until I was told its on its way! I am pumped to start shooting this 1911 and customizing it a small bit. Gunna have to get used to it though since I am used to all striker fired weapons etc. I can't wait though!

    Another note about my reloading endeavor, I just went out and got a Lymans 49th edition manual today. The girlfriends brother has been reloading for a good 10 years or so. I also am trying to get an older buddy of mine to start teaching me as well. I actually have it down to a point, I made 25 of my own rounds tonight with 6.0 grains of Unique powder. 230gr plated berrys bullets, winchester brass, and CCI large pistol primers. It was actually pretty fun and relaxing. I cant wait to get my own setup, kinda pricing everything around. Debating if I want to drop a couple hundred on a Lee kit and some extra components.

    Sorry about the long post, just wanted to get back to everybody as best I could after I got off work :p Thanks again everyone! I am having a blast with all of this! If anyone has some reloading stuff or 1911 stuff for sale let me know haha! Thanks! Hope everyone is having a good night, I will be on all night now.


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  3. dregotglock

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    Congrats on the RIA! Can not help on the reloading but...

    I put a pair of Hogue soft rubber grips on my American Classic Cmdr and have been very satisified with the performance. The rubber has held up very well and offers more grip then others I tried.

    I also put on a pair of xs big dot sights, and upgraded my springs using a wolf springs kit
  4. Glad you liked the VZ suggestion.
    Post up some pictures when you get your RIA, OK? We like to covet thy neigbor's firearm :)
  5. Oh I well definitely put pics up of it ASAP. I am looking into some hogue grips as well as a nice pair of VZ's. Also meant to ask before, Scamp what grips are on your first 1911 pic you posted?


    Hogue and punisher, yes
  7. Congrats on the 1911! I have heard the RIs are awesome for the money.

  8. Wow! I did something similar a few weeks ago. I bought a Dodge Viper, then before even driving it off the lot, I traded it in a used Chrysler Town and Country! Don't regret that at all, I got a dvd player in that mutha!!
  9. Scamp

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    VZ Double diamonds on the first one, Hogue's on the second one..
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  10. I have VZ Alien grips on my Range Officer. VZ has a lot of grips to choose from, so you'll probably find something that you'll like.

    As for reloading; I've been reloading for 35 years & I'm still learning. I highly suggest the Lyman 49th Edition manual, regardless of what manual came with your reloading kit.
  11. Thanks Scamp! I am liking those grips, and yea VZ has tons to look through so I will definitely find something I love! Reloading seems very fun to me.(atleast for now :p) I have that exact manual! I picked it up today and used it to make my very first 25 rounds on my buddys press. With some help from him as well.
  12. Vz grips are great. I posted a thread on the new pair I recently installed.

    Post picture of your Aliens.
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  13. Yea I just read and posted in your thread! Those are pretty good looking grips man!
  14. Cobra64

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    Congrats! :cool:
  15. Cobra64

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    Yup, you can't go wrong with these.


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