Neighborhood association president arrested after scuffle, gunshot fired

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by TBO, Feb 29, 2012.

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    TBO Why so serious?
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    Lets see...
    • 3:37 a.m.

    • At the register in IHOP

    • Arguing over money

    • Woman hits man in face, left a bloody scratch.

    • Woman's companion is a felon.

    • Companion grabs woman's purse, pulled out a Taurus 9mm

    • Companion points gun at man.

    • Man pushes gun down.

    • Gun discharges

    • No one injured

    • Woman and companion leave.

    • Cops find and arrest woman and man.

    • Woman has/had concealed carry permit.
    Woman associating with a felon while in possession of a firearm...

    The felon knew she had a gun in the purse and was in close proximity to the purse. Even before he grabbed it, couldn't he be said to be in constructive possession of the firearm?

    When I use to go collecting rent, if that is what this was about, I would take a deputy or an officer if I expected problems - not a convicted felon...:cool:

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    And to add, though not important, there was a fail to eject the spent case. Maybe someones hand was over the ejection port when the shot was fired.
  4. ^ That's a reasonable assumption.

    In my opinion, the charges against the two seem a little light... Shouldn't somebody be on the hook for attempted murder?
  5. So Bailey ran into Lillian Baker at about 3:37 a.m. at the local IHOP. They have an on-going dispute about money.

    Baker was arguing with Bailey when she (Baker) struck him and left a bloody scratch over his left eye.

    Then Hall, Baker's companion, grabbed Baker's purse, pulled out her Taurus 9mm pistol and pointed it at Bailey's face.

    OK, so have an argument... pull out a gun. :dunno: What's the problem? That's all part of IHOP's Grand Slam breakfast. And a slice of Americana pie.
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  6. FL Airedale

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    I criticize my neighborhood association for being meddlers but at least there is no gunplay involved. I guess I should keep my mouth shut and be happy about that.
  7. It was a Taurus. :whistling:


    OK, maybe being a little rough on Taurus. :embarassed:
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    Typical night in South St. Petersburg, FL.

    The cops don't even like to go to South St. Pete at night.
  9. Marc1956

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    Hall was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, throwing a deadly missile within a building :wow:

    Didn't somebody on here have some unused Stinger missile crates? :supergrin:
  10. The felon goes back to jail, neighborhood association president gets a lawsuit filed against her and loses he job.
  11. Lesson learned here is don't go to IHOP past midnight, nothing good will come of it. The M.D. drive through will suffice.

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