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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Cochese, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Fark, forgot about that I need to get calender worthy before I get out of rookie school :supergrin:

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  2. I'm 38 years old also. I work out six days a week generally. As far as crossfit, I go 4 to 5 times a week usually. I spend the other days running or go on really long walks. Just keep at it and your knee should get strong enough to start doing all the exercises. I have a torn labrum in my shoulder that was acting up when I did traditional workouts (especially benching and shoulder presses). Once I got into Crossfit, the rest of my muscles got strong enough to compensate for the injury and I rarely have any issue with it anymore. It can only be repaired with surgery but I don't need it really now. Sometimes, it starts hurting when I do overhead squats so I just do thrusters or something similar on those days. It takes a few months of Crossfit before your body truly adjusts to it. Some days I can recover overnight while other days I have to take a day because I am smoked.

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    Ahhh yes shoulder injuries rock. My left shoulder has crazy tendonitis, but I've found as long as I keep it moving day-to-day it does ok.

    I'm doing CrossFit 3x per week right now. Trying to give the connective tissues time to adjust.

    One thing is for sure - even with my fat ass slinging around weight and doing burpees and all that crazy stuff, my back has NEVER felt better.
  4. siblueg

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    Just watched that episode as well... And yes I need to work out again!
  5. Nice. Glad to hear it. When I was a month or two in I was always worried I was overworking myself and thought all the little aches and pains were a problem. Once your body adjusts (as much as it can anyway) to the rigors of the WOD's, things stop hurting so much. My core strength is much higher than it has ever been.

    Back in December I hadn't been under a bench press in months. I assumed I was much weaker since I hadn't done even a rep so I went to the old gym to find out. I was able to get within 10 pounds of my previous max without having done it once in 3 or 4 months. It's just because my core strength has improved so much.

    BTW, its freaking addictive if you haven't figured it out yet.

    Today's WOD is going to be tough. Headed there in about 30 minutes:

    2013-2-3 Monday

    10 min AMRAP
    5x Power Clean
    20x Double-unders
    5x Dead lift
    10x Jumping jacks

    Followed by “Karen”
    For Time: 150x Wall Balls
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    I don't know if my box will publish the WOD in advance. And I don't jump rope. Not yet anyway. Tears my knee up. Another couple months maybe.

    150 WB could be a puker.

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  7. Come do bike patrol in my coverage area, entire town is on a hill a mile long.

    I actually put on about 20 pounds in the academy and i was running 15 plus miles a week and lifting 3 days too. I've been trying to get back into shape.
  8. lawman800

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    I gained 5 pounds of weight overall in the academy but lost 6% bodyfat, go do the math on that one.
  9. It's time for collective L.E. and realize that physical fitness is important, arguably more important than having the advanced degrees that many administrators are enamored with. Mandate standards, provide workout time, equipment/subsidized gym memberships, etc. It really is that important.
  10. lawman800

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    Fitness standards went by the wayside when it was realized that most admin wouldn't meet the standard and there would be tons of liability for WC when officers hurt themselves working out on duty.
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  11. GumbyDammit

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    +1 for the flu/bronchitis/sinus infection weight loss program. I spent most of last week in bed & dropped ~12lbs.

    I just picked up PX90 from a buddy, hoping to capitalize on the trend. Watched it for an hour but don't really feel any different. Maybe I need to watch it longer.

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  12. Goldendog Redux

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    I am 44 and I am in damn good shape. I work my ass off for it too.
  13. Folks new to working out (or getting back into it after a long break from exercise) should be careful with intense programs like Crossfit. Lots of potential for injuries in the form of tearing muscles/tendons.
  14. DaBigBR

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    It's such a can of worms for agencies. The few that have standards and/or provide incentives for fitness and have been doing so for some time are pretty solid. It's agencies that want to start something up that are afraid of paying workman's comp for workout related injuries that have to figure it out.

    I know of one agency that requires that sworn personnel complete the entry testing (sit ups, push ups, sit and reach, 1.5 mile run) at periodic intervals (I can't remember if it's every six months, quarterly, etc). They pay the troops for participating (obviously) and award extra personal leave time for passing. Everybody wins, and there is a little extra incentive in staying in shape. They have very few folks that look like they're out of shape, too.

    My agency has no program, but we have very few notably overweight or out of shape folks overall. That is helped out by being a relatively young department due to retirements and added positions in the last few years. Our special response team (18 members / rougly 22% of sworn staff) also must meet physical standards, which would count towards that, too.
  15. Agreed to a point. I will say that if you have a decent Crossfit instructor, that's not a problem. They should be teaching you the movements and only letting you do the things you are able to. Although vaginitis is not a valid excuse to not do a workout.

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    I've spent half a work out practicing a skill with no weight or with PVC for a movement that will take place in the future. I haven't even done a full clean yet (hang cleans only) and probably won't until my mechanics are solid. It's hard to "tear" muscles and connective tissues when your mechanics are solid. Sore does not equal damage.
  17. volsbear

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    A couple years ago I actually floated the idea of a defined physical standard and the union *****ed like a school girl.
  18. There are several agencies around me with physical standards but not many. Most of those agencies use a basic obstacle style course that incorporates stairs, low hurdles, short run, climb through window, etc. Its very easy. Some dudes fail though.

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    Just wondering, what happens if/when they fail?

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  20. If you fail you have to retake it within 6 months. If you fail again you have to take it in the next 3 months and if you fail that one your gone. I think it's happened about 10 times in the last 10 years or so.

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