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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Jim, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. When I switched from a Browning Hi Power to a G19, the one problem that hasn't gone away is the thickness of the gun & holster when carried IWB.

    Comparing a Kramer #2 IWB for both guns, the G19 is sufficiently thicker that I must let out my belt 1 or 2 holes more. At the end of a day, the G19 is rather uncomfortable while the HP still feels good because of the thin slide.

    I'm looking for an IWB holster with 2 belt loops, moderate FBI cant, molded to hold the gun in place or having a tightness adjustment, and stiff enough to allow easy reholstering.

    The most likely candidate would be something in kydex. My original Sidearmor IWB uses thin material but the area around the belt loops is straight instead of curved like my waist, so it "acts" like it's much thicker.

    All of the leather IWB designs I've seen are either too floppy to allow easy reholstering, or they have an extra layer of leather around the mouth that makes them thicker.


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  2. I have Blade-tech Nano's for both the G-19 and G-36.They are thin as any--they hold the gun as tight as you want--stay open at the top--have some cant adjustment.

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  4. Raven Concealment systems, hugs tight to the body so it's very good for concealment.:cool:
  5. Yeah. I like the Looper Law Enforcement leather belt. About $50 last time I checked with Kydex liner. With any belt you order, be sure to specify seven holes at 3/4" apart. Makes for a fine adjustment with IWB.
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  8. you should try the kramer #3 iwb for the glock. the #2 does not give you support like the #3 kramer. the #3 has a wider area. the glock is going to fill lots bulkier compared to the hi power regardless of what you get.:wavey: my 2cts.
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    I use these holsters for my G23 & G27, find them about as comfortable as you can be using kydex IWB. The adjustable cant allows both a straight drop (good for AIWB) and a slight forward cant.
  10. I use the Comp-Tac MTAC (Minotaur), hides my G19 even in the summer with a t-shirt. Very well made and supports the weight nicely with with the two clips. My brother uses a crossbreed for his ruger sr9c which is nice, but i don't think it is made as well, the metal clips stand out, and rough up the belt I was wearing when I tried it out.
  11. Fist holsters...very thin
  12. Just curious, why you switched from a BHP to a G19?
  13. Rm lowrider....
  14. TSAX


    Raven Concealment or Crossbreed Supertuck

  15. Both of my previously-reliable HP's had worn slides and also started having occasional extraction or ejection problems. I was really busy at the time and; beyond the usual cleaning, checking for chipped extractor, etc I just didn't have time to mess with them.

    Other guys in my department were carrying Glocks and I thought it appropriate, as the boss/instructor, to carry something more "mainstream".

    And I liked the rust resistance of the Glock, spent a week in a soggy tent in Africa with no care at all and no rust afterwards.

    But the bulk inside my waistband is a pain, and I love the crisp 4 lb triggers that Cylinder & Slide put on the guns. If I can't find a comfortable IWB, I may get them fixed and go back.
  16. I use a crossbreed supertuck deluxe with my 19, fits like and old shoe. it is stiff at first but after a few weeks it loosens up, great retention, concealment, works with my 17 and 26 too. I have had it for 3 or 4 years and I just love it, I will never use anything else.
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