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Need some help with my DSL problem

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Kentucky_Guy, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. hey folks....

    i have a desktop computer with DSL. I also have another computer in another room that has a wireless card installed via a linksys router.

    My computer is plugged directly into the dsl modem via the router...

    i have recently been losing my DSL connection several times, where i have to unplug my modem, wait thirty seconds and plug it back in...connection is reset....

    I have called Windstream and they have tested my line and say there is no problem. I had my phone line running through a surge protector, they told me to unhook that and plug the phone line directly into the modem...done...

    i still lose my connection periodically..

    what i have noticed is when this happens i go to my "network" folder...along with my computer icon "Bruce", another network icon appears "johathans_PC"..when i try to open this icon and see what it is and "access denied" icon pops up and there is no way for me to see what this is..

    I dont know if this is another PC piggybacking on my DSL or what, and cutting off my connection

    Is there a way to block anybody elses but my computer from getting on my line????

    thanks in advance for any help!!!!!

  2. Here we go again!. When you ask for help you need to provide
    which version of: Windows, Firewall software like Zone Alarm, Anti Spyware, anti viri etc.

    The other computer is someone else's PC in the local area.

    Check this link for details on how to hide XP if that is the version you are using.

    Download Audio files and documents 81 - 84 to study securing Windows XP WiFi connections. And read the supplemental notes too.

    As far as the dropped connection it happens with Cable and DSL modems but should not happen on regular basis.

    Download IpSwitch's WS ping pack Pro to test your connection. It is free for 30 days so have at it! You can set it to check all TCP/IP parameters and start a series of tests, which can be set to run every 30 minutes for as long as you like. I would let it run when you are not using the PC to monitor the connection over night and during the day when the PC is ideal. This creates a log you can copy/cut/paste and send to tech support. You can measure connection speed, delays, loop time etc.

    :thumbsup: :supergrin: ;)

  3. Hi Blitzer,

    thanks for your reply, sorry i didnt include everything..

    I am running Windows Vista premium.

    Kaspersky internet security suite with counterspy antispyware