Need some help choosing a 590a1

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by aliasneo07, Jan 11, 2013.

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    I've walked five miles with an 18" 870 at low ready or port arms before.

    Just because you don't doesn't mean someone won't.

    Same reason even my house guns have slings. Not having one can really suck. Weight adds up.

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  2. Much appreciate the feedback everyone. I am going to go to a gunshop tomorrow that has both, feel them, and get one.

    Next I'm on to deciding about sling, light, and side saddle (if i do go for one it will be the vang. I am not totally sold on long term durability of the elastic though.)

    I might have a stock issue. The two guns are both 3-4 years old and have speedfeed stocks. They've never been fired and have been sitting in a safe, so technically they're new. I have read that the old speedfeed stocks have issue with the recoil pad coming off because of pressure from the springs.

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    Never been a fan of the Speedfeed ammo-carrier stocks because i've never met someone who could make them really work under pressure. I sure can't.

    If you've trained as I have with a sling, keeping it on the gun is fine. If it's primarily a house gun, have one, not necessarily attached. If you go camping, attach it. Easy fix.

    The light's not an option. Fighting gun needs a light. Cleared a lot of structures with rifle and light mounted. Done a few without. Survived doing so. Not looking forward to doing so again. Surefire fore-ends aren't cheap but are the best option.

    If MagPul releases the MOE fore-end for Mossbergs this year, that would be a cost efficient alternative.

    When a shotgun was my do-it-all gun (field and home) I had a sidesaddle with four rounds (all that was available) and an old GI pistol belt with 2 surplus-type Rothco (not really surplus) pouches that held about fifty rounds of 00 and slugs. I usually had one pouch on there and the second in my Holy Crap bag.

    In the event i grabbed the shotgun i could sling the ammo belt/bag on as a bandolier if I didn't have time to put it on.

    Yes, the shotgun (Nova SP) had no light. It wasn't an option for the gun. I wasn't happy with it, but you do the best with what you have.

    For me a tricked out social shotgun would be an 18.5" 870 Police, MOE fore-end, Surefiry Fury and a basic 2 pt sling with a sidesaddle. Tritium XS Big Dot.
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  4. Yeah, I definitely want a light but theres no way I can afford $400 for a surefire any time soon. To be honest I'm not sure I'd ever want to.

    I have a couple surefire handhelds (6p with upgraded Malkoff dropin) that I'd love to put on there. I'm not a huge fan of barrel clamps but might have to go with the Elzetta mount. What I'd really like is to find a tri rail forend like the ones that come with some factory models, and put an inforce WML on there.

    Unfortunately I cannot find a factory tri rail forend. That would be my holy grail right now.

    As an aside, how has the elastic on your vang side saddle held up?
  5. I would go with the Ergo forend if you want to go that route but depending on the model and where you get it the Surefire forends are not $400.
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    Check out CDM gear's mag tube mount. Works well from all reports and doesn't cost $200+.
  7. Thanks ill check it out.

    Im a little leery on those sorts of things because the mag tube on my 500 (and I assume 590a1) is really thin and im worried about crushing it.

    Ergo forend might be cool ill look for reviews.

    Surprised there isnt a standard way to mount a flashlight. Le/mil cant ALL use surefire forends.
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  8. They run around $250 for the 2 switch model and the new generation LED ones do not interfere with the bayonet lug.

    You also won't crush the mag tube with the CDM mount because the way it is designed that is if they are ever in stock because they only seem to do short runs every so often.
  9. Their website says their most popular models do not fit the 590a1 (not sure why,) but the CDM mount which apparently does fit, is sold out :-(
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    Magpul just introduced the 500/590 compatible MOE fore-end for $30.

    It'll be some months before you see any though.

    That would be an excellent option. Including a good Surefire you'd be out less than $150. And for shotgun distances indoors even an old beat up 6P works (having used one when that was the best there was).
  11. That's the problem. I have a great surefire 6p with upgraded led, just no mounting system.
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    The MOE fore-end is compatible with all MagPul MOE equipment (by design) so their basic rail piece and light mount (under $50 total or so) plus the MOE handguard would have you in business.

    I've been contemplating this exact setup for an 870 truck gun.
  13. WJR


    Was looking at the magpul stock and fore-end today. Cannot wait until it is available for the 590A1. Flat dark earth has my name on it.


  14. Yeah I think that's the way I want to go. MOE forend with light mount and inforce light. I think that would be a winning setup.

    Problem is I want a light on my gun now, not when they release it 6 months from now, lol.

    Who knows when it will actually be out.
  15. 1. I have an 18.5" and certainly pleased. With 6 in the gun and 6 on the side saddle with a Surefire forend it gets heavy after extended use and I lift my fair share of heavy weights daily and religiously.

    2. In my opinion, ghost rings are fun for shooting slugs long distance, but for quick target acquisition, I prefer a bead. I'd just like to find an XS big dot that'll fit it, just haven't really looked.

    3. I'm not a fan of the Speedfeed. Just think it'd take a good bit of practice to be proficient with it, and I'm afraid a big case of butterfingers might happen under stress. I like having extra shells right there on the side of the receiver. Mesa makes an excellent side saddle, I can't speak for any other.

    To comment on the Surefire forend, it does fit the a glove actually, on the 18.5". Can't speak for the 20". I like having the option of not being seen, then being seen when I'm ready and not having to move my hand off the gun to activate the light. I'm sure this can be achieved also with a rail mounted light on the forend. I can't speak to how they hold up after many rounds of buckshot/slugs..have never ran that setup on a shotgun.

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