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Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by i_am_infinity, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Eye Cutter


    16K ang C&S Trigger set???!?!?!?!!!! :shocked:

    siyete! sobrang mahal naman niyan! hindi harang tawag dun! plunder!

    ang gamit ng mga top gunsmiths sa US like si dan bedell ay EGW sear, extreme engineering/C&S race disconnector and Koenig hammer (gawa din pala ng EGW doug koenig hammer) matched with an STI sear spring and ISMI 19lb hammer spring for Open and 15 or 17lb ismi hammer spring for STD pistols.

    I love my EE ultimate trigger setup! 1.5lbs ang break with ISMI 19 lb hammer spring. Yung kay gundog, same set up kami sa STI open pistol niya, same pull! 1.5lbs! But never ka ma-AD kasi super crisp, alam mo when the hammer will fall! Drop in parts lahat yun!

    Yung kay Mark (mtho) 1lb naman ang trigger pull using the same set up. don't know kung 19lb din spring gamit niya. Baka 17 or 15lbs main spring.

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  2. 9MX

    9MX Rei!

    baka mamaya sumagot ang tindahan..."with consent yan sir..plunder with consent":shocked: :frown:

  3. Although I didn't buy the C&S Trigger group (like I can afford it), parang na holdup nga ako pag labas ko dun. Ang mahal din ng mga STi parts nila. The hammer I bought cost P3900 :freak: .

    Wow! Sub 2lbs triggers are not for the faint of heart. My current set up is around 3lbs more or less and I'm already pretty happy with it. I wanted an EE trigger group din pero takot akong bumili sa net eh, baka ma confiscate lang, sayang. I have a 17lbs ISMI main spring and 14 lbs ISMI recoil spring in the para right now. Actually I was supposed to buy an STi sear spring as well...pero nakalimutan ko. Pero ok na din nakalimutan ko, kasi ubos na din pera ko eh. Kung hinde ko nakalimutan, yun din naman isosoli ko out of all the parts that I was going to buy, mas nakakahiya pa. Must be fate. :supergrin:

    EC, saan kami pwede kumuha ng piyesa na authentic but fair yung price? Please let us know nalang. I may have to start collecting parts as early as now if I wanted the gun to be complete by next year. Thanks again!
  4. i_am_infinity

    i_am_infinity Pang Altar


    bili na agad ng frame tapos slide...then after those 2 unti unti na lang :supergrin:
  5. I'm using a 17 or 17.5 nowlin main spring, yung 1lb according yun sa gunsmith ko di ko lang sure kung accurate yung panukat nila.

    for sti parts twnpines is also a dealer. and yeh try deenoh also

    yung koenig hammer me several suppliers daw and one of them is EGW
    here's the link where geo of egw replied

    yan din yung iniisip ko nuon,and I came to the conclusion that with the prices they charge, kung ma confiscate yung first try you still have 1 more chance to try again. and still come out cheaper. biro lang... send them emails and ask their advice on what you could buy,and ask about shipping cost before finalizing.
  6. mtho, thanks so much for the advice. I was going to order from SS, kay Rene yung trigger group. Pero he advised that baka nga daw ma confiscate. So I had no choice but to get "Plundered with consent" (according to 9MX - baka kasi plagiarsm kung hinde ako nag quote eh) sa TW. So far the only thing I was able to buy online is my holster, besides that, everything else seems risky to me.

    Huy JJ, BI ka talaga! Yung pinakamahal na gamit pa yung una mong pinabibili sakin! Hwag muna....i have sources that told me lalabas na daw dito sa Pinas ang 2012 frame! :devilishgrin: Disposable, good for 2K rounds lang...tapos crack na yung frame. hahaha!!! Pero seriously, where would you send me to get a frame and slide? Hinde ba doon din sa PWC(Plunder With Consent) ulet?? Yoko na doon! Baka 2012 ang makuha kong frame, mahirap na. Hintay nalang ako, baka si Deenoh magpasok na din ng STi parts, I'm sure fair trade yun. hehehe!!
  7. ang laki na nga nang tinaas nyan, dati parang 2,400 lang din kuha ko sa hammer na sti dyan sa binilhan mo 2004 pa yata yun.

    ayaw mo slide and frame ng sps? or caspian slides?

    as i've said they're not the only suppliers of STI here, even in the sti website they list several sti dealers here try mo din tumawad baka makuha ng charm mo.

    and by the way the ee set goes by several names like C&S, burns, brazos i think with only slight difference in maybe the models they sell take a look at C&S website I think they have the most complete models. the thing to look for is that their sear is diff from the standard 1911 sears(parang curve yung paa) I think ee has a warranty or something.
  8. or try mo kaya bumili ng US custom built open gun ke deenoh? eh diba meron syang tindang edge baka pwede din syang magparating ng boung custom open. e di unique na yung baril na yun diba
  9. Deenoh mentioned someone ordered an STi Grandmaster (not sure about the name) from him and it costs around 240K? Deenoh, if you read this, please clarify. I think in order for me to be able to afford that, I would have to sell my first born child. :freak: Can you imagine? Just to put things into perspective. If your salary is 15,000 a month (medyo ok ok na ito diba? Siguro you work in an office na maganda na) if you work for one year without spending a cent, you still wouldn't be able to afford an STi open gun from PWC. Siguro baka makalusot ka sa standard. Or you can buy an Edge from Deenoh....pero baka patay ka na nyan, kasi wala kang kinain for one year eh....heheheehe!!!
  10. i_am_infinity

    i_am_infinity Pang Altar

    Pare...i just suggest u have all the free will in the world to decide...but then again...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW...BUT STI NOW... :supergrin:

    Lahat naman laging negative ka na lang..don't sell ur first born...dami mo naman Organs that u can sell eh hehehe:freak:
  11. GMV


    Ganda! :)
  12. Thanks GMV. Pare, medyo parang kambal nga yung Para natin eh. What other changes did you do on yours? Can you share your setup? Anong mag capacity mo w/ those basepads? Thanks again!:)
  13. GMV


    Ganda nung basepad mo :)

    Changes I made: Dawson FO Front Sight (1.00), STI hammer, sear and disconnector, 17lb ISMI mainspring, 14 lb. Wolff recoil spring, Wilson shock buff, guncrafter trigger (?) and Dawson aluminum magwell.

    Kaso, it's a 1445. With the Tony Pascual basepads, Arredondo follower and spring, I can get 16 rounds. Kaso hindi kasya sa box with the TP basepads. Kasya siguro if I use a wedge type basepad:


    Gamitin mo na yang para! Cheers :cheers:
  14. Hi all, Reviving an old thread as I was looking for a longer trigger than the factory plastic trigger on my P16-40 when I found the pictured gun with what appears to be a flat trigger.

    Is this an EGW trigger or kamuka lang or guncraft long trigger ba ito? Im trying to look where I can get something very similar

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