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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by hapuna, Dec 2, 2004.

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    OK first of all lets not confuse Notebook with Lap Top. I am looking for a small footprint unit that can do web surfing, has some USB ports and handles standard Office type stuff. All the rest is negotiable. Oh but it must have a nice useable keyboard. I don't need a new latest and greatest and want a good price. OK hard enough??? Peripherals can be plugged in if necessary. Oh yeah and something I can watch DVDs on the plane would be nice also.

    Where can I find something like this??? When I check Notebook on searches the bulk of the items are Laptops which are too big. I want a nice small unit I can travel with easily. I also need more room in my laptop briefcase. Please share your ideas.:)
  2. Look for an ultralightweight. There are many travel-friendly notebooks/laptops. I like Dell so I'd suggest a Latitude like the X300, but almost everyone makes a model like this now.

    Still if you want more portability, check out a tablet like the Fujitsu ST5000 or Motioncomputing M1400.

    You WONT get any of these cheap, these are not $699 laptops because of the battery type and display needed to stay under 1" thin.

    I actually have a Dell Inspiron 300M (same as Latitude X300) used for sale or trade in the Marketplace...

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    PM sent.:)

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