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need more pro-2A friends in PA

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Glockers Club' started by keystone, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. keystone


    Jan 22, 2006
    Ok, I've decided it's time to make new friends. This time with pro-2A people and someone who I can go target-shooting with. The friends I have now, we have less and less in common and do not attribute being prepared as high a priority as I do. Also interested in meeting friends for outdoor, survival-related activites with (backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, trapping, etc). I am not looking to join any official group or club, but just want to meet people who share simliar interests and hobbies. I am in SE PA and willing to meet new friends in SE, NE and central PA (or NJ and DE if they want to come here, I hope you understand, I'd rather not go there and loose my rights). If you live around here and have same interests, please let me know, shoot me a PM or email.
  2. dirksterG30


    Oct 28, 2004
    Pittsburgh, PA