Need load info for .45 ACP

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by November Sunrise, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. I have a couple boxes of Hornady 230 gr HP XTP. I can not find loading data for these. I am going to use WST and CCI primers. Has anyone loaded these before. I am not looking for a max load. Just a plinking round.

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  3. If you are not looking for upper end loads, you can use the data from Hodgdon for the 230gr FMJFP. As always, work the load up.

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  4. What Fred said above. The only change I would make to that is Hodgdons shows a COL of 1.200". Hornady's #8 manual shows the same loads for both those bullets but with a differant COL for the HP-XTP they show the HP bullet loaded to a COL of 1.230" so you might try that to the longer col. with the HP.
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  5. 6.2 grns of Unique. Classic load. And very accurate with most 230 weight bullets.
  6. The Hodgdon website does not have a load for WST in 230 gr bullets.
  7. FOUND IT. Sorry Fred. You were right.
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  8. 4.8gr Bullseye
  9. njl


    As a starting point, I'll suggest 4.5gr WST 1.230" OAL.
  10. Three-Five-Seven

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    What Fred said.

    I found WST to be easy to work with. Meters well and responds in a linear way to increases in charge weight in the middle range. It shoots clean, too. Not much smoke. I use it in competition and it is very consistent !

    I was able to dial in just the right power factor -- with enough margin to keep the chronograph police away.
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  11. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    One of my favorite .45 loads is a 230gr FMJ seated to around 1.240" using 5grs of WST. Groups very well and seems to recoil less than 6grs of Unique, both churning up practically identical velocities. I suspect your 230gr XTP's would work well with this.
  12. BTW, I would consider that max @ that OAL, caution.:shocked:
  13. Hodgdon's listed max for 230gr FMJ's is 4.9gr WST @ 1.20" OAL (848fps/16,100 CUP). I can't seem to find a reputable source that says what max CUP for 45 is, but Hodgdon's data goes as high as 17,700 CUP. Would adding 0.1gr with a much longer OAL (1.24") really worry you?

    On a side note, I have loaded Zero 230gr JHP's over 4.5gr WST @ 1.25" OAL. It's an accurate load, but it barely cycles the slide on my GEN 4 G21. The brass spits about 4-6" straight up, and drops at my feet. Just load 5-10rds each @ 4.3/4.5/4.7/4.9gr, and see which one you and your gun like best.

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  14. njl


    Damn Gen4's (and their dual spring RSA)! :)
    That load (or even 4.3gr) runs my Gen3 21SF just fine.

    OTOH, if your brass drops at your feet, you don't have to go far to pick it up.
  15. Depends. Pressures do not go up in a linear fashion. THe faster the powder the steeper the curve. SO while 4.9gr may be fine, 5gr may spike verti. Clays is one of those powders, there is no a liitle over for certain powder/bullet combos.
    Yes OAL matters, the faster the powder & smaller the case volume & heavier the bullet, it matters more. SO while I would not be worried about 5gr in a gun I worked up the load for, it might be over pressure in another gun w/ diff brass & primers. When working top end loads, everything matters. THus a word of caution is in order.:shocked:
    Yep, 4.5gr is very soft, maybe 780fps+. I use 4.5gr under a 230grLRN to duplicate ball ammo.
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  16. Three-Five-Seven

    Three-Five-Seven Señor Mombo
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    The SAAMI pressure limit for the .45 ACP is set at 21000 psi
  17. CUP & PSI are not the sme as you know & there is no direct conversion. A lot fo newer powders are doen in psi & the older ones in cup, it does cause confusion as to what is a safe pressure.
  18. i use aa#5 with a 230gr cast lead. i drop 8.3grs and it runs 795 fps in my g30 with a kkm barrel. with the zero 230 fmj i drop 8.0grs and it runs at 753 fps. i don't load hot.
  19. You should reverse your numbers. You want to load lead bullets w/ the lighter charge wt.:dunno:
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  20. I've been using 230g cast lead with 9.0g of AA#5 for a snappy load in a G30 with a KKM barrel that will eject the cases !!!

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