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Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by mack0311, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. So i've decided to take the jump into NFA land and go get a suppressor. My trust is all set, just need to make up my dang mind already.

    Got it narrowed down between an AAC M4-2000 and a 7 SDN-6.
    I own several 5.56 AR's, however I do not own a 30 caliber gun as of yet, nor do I have plans to in the immediate future(bolt gun maybe?) Can you advise me on how much i'd be loosing performance wise going with the SDN-6 over the M42K? I suppose it'd be nice to have the ability down the road to shoot .308, but right now i'm feeling like i'd rather have a can that suppresses one caliber very well rather than several just OK. I guess there is the size/weight (one inch and an ounce or two difference) as well. This isn't the only suppressor I'll ever buy, just looking for someone to give me a good shove in the right direction. :dunno:
    Feel like either way I'm gonna wake up with buyer's remorse on this one. 1st world problems for sure. Good news is I get full visitation rights from the dealer I'm buying it from which means I get to shoot whatever can I choose at their range as I please till the tax stamp comes in.

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  3. Performance will be about the same, I believe.

    AAC also has a new generation of cans coming out soon, the SR-5 (5.56) and SR-7 (.30 bore) with a new generation of mounts to go with it. AAC has pulled them off the website, though, so that doesn't bode well for release window - which was originally supposed to be a year ago.

  4. So given similar performance, in my situation(excluding the SR-5 and SR-7 cause they are not available now or any time soon) which one would you choose?
  5. Personally, I'd go for the SDN-6, since it opens the options for 300 Blackout and .308 later on, not just 5.56.
  6. I went through a class with a guy running the SDN-6 on his 11.5" AR. I would have called it hearing safe. You don't loose anything because of the larger volume, but you gain compatibility with other calibers.
  7. DeLo

    a 556 can will always work better on a 556 rifle than a 30 caliber can.
    #6 DeLo, Mar 20, 2013
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