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Need help on HSM for 9mm and 357 sig

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by trlcavscout, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. I have just finished sizeing 500 cases and will start loading tomorrow night but I am haveing trouble finding specific info. I am useing federal primers, unique powder and HSM 124 and 115 gr round nose bullets. I am looking for softer loads. I cant find good info for these bullets? I would like to start in the 4.5-4.7gr range but I need to make sure that will work and where should my OAL be at? I have googled it, searched here, and looked again and cant find specifics for these bullets, where should I be looking? Good loads with this setup?

    Also I am gonna start loading 357 sig once I get the 9mm figured out, can I use these bullets in the 357 sig for softer loads? I will not be anywhere near max loads. I will also be useing the federal primers, unique powder, good loads?

  2. XDRoX


    Jan 24, 2009
    San Diego
    4.7gr of Unique under 115gr plated bullet is a pretty light load. I would start around 5.0gr.
    5.4gr is my normal plinking round with Unique and 115gr bullets, but I never had a malfunction with 5.0gr.

    With 124gr plated bullets I load 5.1gr of Unique. Nice load, mild recoil.

    I think you should load your rounds to as long as possible as long as they still function in your gun. Try loading a round to 1.160" and see if it completely drops in your barrel (take the barrel out of the gun), and easily falls out of the barrel when tipped upside down. Also make sure the rounds fit in the mag. If it works, I'd stick with it. If not, try 1.150".

    For my rounds to function flawlessly in all 6 of my 9mm's I load to 1.140" - 1.145".

    For your first loads I would load 5 rounds each with different amounts of powder.
    5 rounds at 5.0gr
    5 rounds at 5.2gr
    5 rounds at 5.4gr

    If you want to go under 5.0gr, that's fine, just be prepared to pull them if they don't cycle your gun. My guess is they'll probably cycle, but you may get some unburnt powder.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks. I will be shooting a stock G26 and a G31 with 40-9 ported conversion barrel with 13lb recoil spring etc (UL gun). So I will play with the powder to get both to work. I will try the 1.160" and work my way back if needed, wasnt sure as I am new to handgun reloading. My .308 is easy to figure out OAL on.

    What about the 357 SIG? I know there is better components for it but can I make some cheap mild rounds out of what I have? I see alot of different info but after googling for hours I dont see specific 357 sig bullets? Sorry I am new to loading these calibers.
  4. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
    Unless the bullet is a truncated cone design, I doubt they will wrok in the 357sig. I am not afmiliar w/ the HSM, but if it's like any other RNFMJ, I would say no. the bullet seats too deeply & the ogive lands within the short case neck & bullet setback occurs. The 357sig is a great round, not too diff to load for, but bullet selection is crucial.