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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by cbird77, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Need help, I have a LGS that is holding a brand new KSG for me. I have the funds for it but after reading some negative reviews I am thinking maybe an 870 would be more reliable. I really like the cool factor of the KSG and would be getting a killer deal on it. I have until tomorrow morning 8am to pull the trigger on the KSG or go to Academy and get an 870.

    Any reliability issues that you have experienced first hand with the KSG?

    Thier MSRP for the KSG is $1197 and I am getting it for a couple hundered less.


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  3. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    The KSG has a CDI factor, but I would go with the 870.


  4. I have wanted a KSG for a long time now, maybe I will wake up in the morning know which one awaits me. Now to stock up on 12g ammo.
  5. Glockworks

    Glockworks Ready/Aim/Fire

    Forget the KSG, buy yourself a Mossberg 500 or a 870. If you need that many shots, get a high cap pistol or an AK/AR. :whistling: Though maybe I'm jealous and you should buy the KSG?
  6. Find yourself a nice, used Benelli Super 90 M1, and you will have a real shotgun.
  7. I think for the cost of a Benelli I would take the KSG, NOT because the KSG is built better by any means.

    I heard the rail on the bottom is polymer and snaps easy when using a forend grip so I would need a plate to distribute the weight for more support. It just seems by now they would have fixed the little quirks that even make me think of a diffrent HD Shot Gun.
  8. Get the KSG, turn around and sell it and use the profit to buy a reliable, well made shotgun and then take the money you paid for the KSG and throw it in another gun and some ammo.

    It's a win win for you.
  9. Kilrain

    Kilrain Señor Member

    I've handled and shot exactly one KSG. My friend in AZ is an FFL dealer and when I was out there on vacation earlier in the year he had one new in the box. We literally unboxed it in the desert.

    First impressions were positive. It is very, very compact and obviously that's by design. The construction was on par with other Kel-Tec products I've seen, a bit funky but solid and serviceable. So, we had a wide assortment of ammunition ranging from 3" slugs and buck to low base Winchester and Federal 7 shot as well as much in between.

    Unfortunately, it was a functional disaster. Not sure if were ever able to string more than 4 or 5 shots together without a failure to extract resulting in a double feed. We tried it with all different types of ammo we had and it was non-functional across the board. I reckon' that by the time we got done shooting it, and there about 8 to 10 guys who tried it, we managed maybe 60 to 80 fired rounds altogether. I was highly disappointed but will acknowledge that it likely a "lemon" from the factory.

    Other things I noticed was the that recoil impulse felt "heavier" than a traditional type setup with a stock with some drop to it. When firing, you are essentially directly behind the bore which drives the gun straight back instead of levering up a bit. I wasn't the only one who noticed it and I only mention it as a consideration.

    Also, due to it's compact design, it seemed very easy to swing the muzzle around without realizing it. Also, it seemed that it would be very easy to get your action hand out in front of the muzzle, particularly if you worked the action with verve. A hand stop, for me, would be a must have.

    I said all that to say this. I think the overall design is pretty well thought out and rates an A+ on the compact, handy, firepower factor. It's an A++ on the coolness factor. For me, it's about a D on the execution of the design since my only experience was less than stellar.

    If you get one, I hope it works well! I'd like to try another one if I get the chance.
  10. Thanks for the great feedback!
  11. This! I'm still seeing them go for between $1700-$1900 on auction sites.
  12. MrMurphy

    MrMurphy *********
    Moderator Moderator Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    If you're thinking about buying a KSG, obviously, you DO need help...... :)
  13. Well after handling a few HD shotties I went with the KSG. I have a lot on them and excited to see how she shoots. It was a great deal at $1097 otd. I got 100 off for purchasing other items I needed in the store.
  14. sdsnet

    sdsnet NRA Member

    If you don't own a shotgun already then I would begin with a Mossy 500 or an 870. Make sure you choose one with a full stock too :) You may want to buy a shotgun that is longer than 18" so you can use it for something other than personal defense. Have you ever tried shooting Skeet or better yet Sporting Clays ? It is a lot of fun and you meet good folks participating in it as well.

    If you really want the KSG buy it. I have a friend that bought one almost a year ago and he uses his often and loves it. No problems with it at all.

  15. Dude, sell it. Then use the profit to be a high quality shotgun. You'll also have enough left to get an AR or AK.
    #14 DaleGribble, Sep 4, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2013
  16. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    I would like to play with a KSG for a bit just to see what it was like. But if I was going to spend that much coin I would have bought another AR, or an underfolder AK (at DaleGribble's suggestion) or maybe even some N frame to scratch my revolver itch.
  17. They seem to be selling well with the "shottie" crowd. Which says a lot I think.
  18. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    I think it is a great concept, a high capacity compact pump shotgun that you don't have to hunt down expensive magazines for. If it is well executed and dependable then it should be worth a little extra coin.
  19. Your hidden meaning is too hidden for me to decipher......
  20. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    I think he means that they sell well to the people looking for the next gimmick in the shotgun market.
  21. Next gimmick??? It shoots well and it fits a purpose of protecting my home. Oh its a blast to shoot as well.
    #20 cbird77, Sep 11, 2013
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