Need help...I'm breaking the bank tomorrow and pulling the trigger......

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Beretta92guy, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Mine was a 9mm V3 P30, I called H&K and they told me that is quite normal and didn't effect the performance of the gun. My friend at the range has a few H&K's and he only has that issue on 1 of his firearms, can't recall if it was the P2000 or the P30. Again, I'm not here to bash the H&K, they are great guns, I own a P7 which is one of my favorite firearms. I loved the ergo's on the HK but just couldn't get over the rattle. Personal preference.

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  2. I feel they're fit better and much tighter than the Exeter Sigs. Reliability isn't the only factor. In fact, that's pretty much a given.

    By the way, not everyone wants an ugly rail on their pistol. I'm one of them.

    If I want a rail, I'll go plastic.

  3. Never had any issues with my new Exeter SIG P226 9mm. Never a single malfunction and well over 500rds. My opinion is most of the people bashing the new SIGs don't own them, but like to jump on the German bandwagon because one out of 100 guns had an issue and someone posted it on the internet. Having said that if you don't feel comfortable with a new American SIG there are plenty of German models to be had.
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  4. the USP is sexaaay!
  5. Hmm. This is a real hard one.... NOT!!!

  6. You can find a mint West German 226 for about $550 which is a way better bargain. I am not fond of newer Sig products like Bac said and Hk is at least $200 overpriced for a plastic gun with a bad trigger. Not to mention odd controls (Decocker, and the Euro. mag. release that you either love or hate).

    It boils down to what you like obviously but that is just my .02cents.
  7. I personally never said there were issues with them. I just don't feel they're fit as nicely as the older German models. Throw in the goofy color schemes, the fact that you can't get them without a rail, and the ridiculous prices, and you have a gun that has zero appeal to me.

    Make my Sigs German, or better yet, West German.

    Exeter won't be selling anything to me.

  8. I would agree 100% with the goofy color schemes (I can't stand some of the colors) but I have to say I really don't mind the rail on my P226 Elite, that said, I would NEVER buy a 1911 with a rail or a 1911 that I can't sling shot. As far as price goes, I buy most of my guns used. I mostly try to buy at a price point where I know I can re-sell if needed. There are those few guns, however, that I would pay a silly premium, P210 and a Korth. Just haven't been able to find a reasonable deal. If i were the OP, I would shoot each if possible or be patient and find a used gun, that you know you can re-sell without taking a loss. I think with the holiday's nearing people will be looking to thin their herd and some deals will present themselves.
  9. :goodpost:
  10. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    i was issued a 226R in .40 and have about 2,500 rds through it. It has always fired well, the problems I've had are with the internals rusting/pitting. Not sure what the deal was, stored it in the same room as my glocks and none of those have had an issue. Clean them on same schedule (once a month, plus after every time i shoot). Oh well, it sits on a shelf now.
  11. I have 7 Sigs...of all shapes, sizes, calibers and birthplaces. Some are Exeter, some are Deutschland, and some are a combination of the two. I only have 4 HKs...of which I love. For some reason, maybe trigger, I prefer my Sigs. The HKs may be the better gun, but I just dig my Sigs. Maybe if I actually got to shoot my new HK45, I would have a different attitude.

    Buy off of the forums if you live in a big city and get both? Most of my stuff is bought that way so that I can buy more. Just a thought.
  12. Yuck! I have not owned mine longer enough to comment.

    Send it back to Sig?
  13. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    I love both brands. I prefer HK's but the Sig's aren't bad either. There are some that seem to feel the current production Sig's aren't on par with the older German manufactured ones.

    I don't agree as all my Sig's both new and old have all served me well. I don't care for the rails on the Sig's and I really don't like where their marketing has gone but I still love their guns.

    I own several HK's including the P30 and USP series. I love them both but the P30 fits me better than the USP. The P30 make the USP feel like a brick!

    Both guns have been 100% flawless. If I had to choose between them it would be difficult but I'd take the USP just for the fact it's been around longer and is proven in the field. Not that the P30 hasn't been documented going 90,000+ rounds, but it doesn't have the real world track record yet that the USP series has. This is a personal preference of mine and nothing more. YMMV

    They are both outstanding pistols and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase or carry either one.

    I'd go with the HK over the Sig IMHO. The Sig will have the better trigger but the HK takes the cake in the long term durability and maintenance department, not to mention the weight difference.

  14. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    The triggers aren't anything to write home about but think about something:

    HK pistols are used all across the globe and in places where the ammunition supply quality can be questionable at best. This being so, HK manufactures their guns to function with a wide verity of ammunition including ammunition with rather hard primers.

    This is some of the reason that their triggers aren't as great as brand X. Sure, their triggers aren't anything to write home about but they are more than usable. I can shoot them just fine. They certainly aren't a match grade trigger but they are useable and are capable of being learned by the shooter with practice just like anything else. Besides, I didn't buy a HK with the notion that I was buying a match grade gun. (Although they are just about as accurate!)

    As for the price, quality costs money. It costs HK money to procure and produce quality components and quality firearms. They don't and won't skimp on quality and the only choice they have is to pass that cost along to the consumer.

    In a world that most firearm manufactures are cheapening up the gun and charging the same price for them, HK is maintaining a level of quality that's unmatched by almost every other manufacture on the market. Their prices remain on the high side so they can continue to deliver the quality that those of us that appreciate their fine firearms expect.

    I know what it's going to cost me when I purchase a HK and I have no problem with laying down the cash for them. I run my guns hard. I go through quite a bit of ammo in a years time. I don't abuse my guns but I don't baby them either. Since I shoot the snot out of my guns, they have a tendency to break. I had problems with every other brand I've owned but I'm yet to have those problems with HK's.

    I'm sure sooner or later something will break as it will with anything that's man made. I'd be a fool to think or believe otherwise. With that being said, I'm yet to have ANY of my HK's fail or give me the troubles that some other brands of tactical Tupperware have given me.

    There is one really good reason I continue to choose HK over everything else.

    HK lives up to the claims that the other guns rarely ever do. They aren't perfect but they are the next closest thing and I'm yet to find another mass produced gun out of the box that tops them in any way. People can say and believe whatever they want but I'm convinced through my own experiences that HK's are right at the number one spot on the polymer pistol list and will be for the foreseeable future.

    Nothing else even comes close to a HK.

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  15. UPDATE:

    well, scrap the new gun.......

    i had my truck serviced before going out to the range.....just got hit with a $350 reapair bill :(

    thanks for everyones input, gonna have for some cash flow before i get anything :(
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    Get a P30 and call it a day.

  17. Oh well, trucks are more important than guns anyway.

    Buy some ammo and shoot the Beretta 92 (I'm assuming you have one based on your username).

    I own a Sig, have shot H&Ks and own Berettas. The Berettas are more enjoyable to shoot, especially with a D spring installed.

    My P226 (MK25) is an awesome pistol but I really don't like the shape of the grip as much as a Beretta.

    Every time I pick up an H&K I wonder WTF anyone sees in them. Expensive, super ugly, bulky, high bore axis, horrendous trigger. But everyone clams up and pops a boner over 'em. I guess because they're expensive? IDK...
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  18. cfr



    $1000 - $350 = more than enough for a poor mans HK, the PPQ.
  19. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    Nah, just had our armorers replace all the parts that were non-serviceable. Just lost faith in the platform. Switched my duty gun to Glock and haven't had a single issue

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  20. I have plastic guns as well. I have cleared many a building and homes with a weapon without a rail but if I had a choice would prefer a rail with a light on the end.

    The only handgun I own now without a rail is a 22/45. I only buy nightstand guns these days. Function for SD/HD is my concern not astetics. Just my preference.

    Sorry OP about your truck. That sucks but you will now have more time to research your future purchase. Hold all three like was said above and make your decision.


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